Granta 144: genericlovestory

Granta 144: genericlovestory

Summer 2018

An issue on gender and power

Devorah Baum reads Grace Paley to find out what women want
Stella Duffy looks for LGBT voices in the #MeToo debate
Fernanda Eberstadt remembers the 70s drag scene in New York
Debra Gwartney breaks her silence
Ottessa Moshfegh gets what she wants
TaraShea Nesbit revisits her lost childhood
Brittany Newell deconstructs Paris Hilton’s sex tape
Lisa Wells on the process of revisiting trauma

New fiction from: Tara Isabella Burton, Paul Dalla Rosa, Sally Rooney, Miriam Toews, Zoe Whittall and Leni Zumas

A comic by Tommi Parrish

Poetry by Momtaza Mehri and Fiona Benson

And photoessays by Sébastien Lifshitz and Tomoko Sawada, introduced by Andrew McMillan and Sayaka Murata


Cover artwork by Tommi Parrish

Online Edition

The Trouble With Rape

April Ayers Lawson

On M.I.A.

Momtaza Mehri

On Cardi B

Rita Indiana

The Editor’s Chair: On Daša Drndić

Katharina Bielenberg


Callie Gardner

Two Poems

Miriam Bird Greenberg


Daša Drndić

Comic Timing

Holly Pester

Mariana Enríquez | Notes on Craft

Mariana Enriquez

The Woman Dies

Aoko Matsuda

Akwaeke Emezi | In Conversation

Akwaeke Emezi & Halimat Shode

On Rihanna

Alexia Arthurs


Akwaeke Emezi

Common Whipping

Naben Ruthnum

‘I Am Going to Speak to You about Anxiety’

Hernán Díaz

Three Poems

Sophie Robinson

Slip of a Fish

Amy Arnold

Tether Tennis

John Kinsella


Jessie Greengrass

I Wrote a Poem About a Fucking River

Samantha Walton

Sharing the same bed, dreaming different dreams

Ma Jian

The Male Hearth

Ayşegül Savaş & Bekir Ormancı

Reflections on shame in sacred spaces

Kate Duckney


John Patrick McHugh

I’ll Go On

Hwang Jungeun

Amy Sackville | The Proust Questionnaire

Amy Sackville

Consolation Puppies

Amy Butcher & Martha Park

The Seafood Buffet

Pirjo Hassinen

Full Moon on a Dark Night

Soumya Sankar Bose

The Fucking Lake

Diane Williams

Common Cyborg

Jillian Weise

Breasts: A History

Krys Malcolm Belc

The Closet

Kim Sagwa

Three poems

Mary Ruefle

Cowboys and Angels

Chelsea Bieker

The Poker

Kathryn Scanlan

Cassiopeia (three back-to-front songs)

Diana Anphimiadi

Masculinity Is Leaving The Male Body

D. Mortimer

Of Donuts I Have Loved

Miranda Dennis

Paul Dalla Rosa | Notes on Craft

Paul Dalla Rosa

The Restaurant of Many Orders

Kenji Miyazawa

Slum Wolf

Tadao Tsuge


April Ayers Lawson

Every Day Was Ordinary

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

Five Poems

Irene Solà

A Few Words about Fake Breasts

Nell Boeschenstein