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The Durhams

Ben Pester

‘We have this space and we have permission to summon each other into it. Sibspace.’

Fiction by Ben Pester.

The Making of the Babies

Lee Lai

‘I can’t believe it’s been two years since we’ve been able to get together and we’re still just arguing about which of us incurs more shit from the aunties.’

A graphic short story by Lee Lai.


Colin Barrett

‘As Scully and Charlie Vaughan passed under the trees in the town square, the afternoon seemed to switch on and off around them.’

Fiction by Colin Barrett.

They’re Going To Love You

Meg Howrey

‘He understands he is a container. For music, for movement.’

An excerpt from Meg Howrey’s novel, set in the world of professional ballet.

Middle Ground

Georgina Parfitt

‘At school, the primroses were coming out. Brighton was eleven, and every day now there was something new emerging.’

A story by Georgina Parfitt.

Through the Billboard Promised Land Without Ever Stopping

Derek Jarman & Declan Wiffen

‘Owing to lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled, you are now in the strawberry beds of the eternal present.’

Unpublished fiction by the late Derek Jarman.


Johanne Lykke Holm

‘I knew a woman’s life could at any point be turned into a crime scene.’

An excerpt from Strega.

Nancy’s Victory

Diane Williams

‘She saw a small swatch of pink and supposed a sunset was out there and thought, What can that knockout pink do for me?’

New fiction by Diane Williams.

They Tell You They Love You

Niamh Donnelly

‘Sometimes, in the shower, he finds new and surprising bruises, whose origin he can’t place.’

A story by Niamh Donnelly.

The Book of Goose

Yiyun Li

‘Just follow me, she had said, you do nothing but what I tell you to.’

An extract from Yiyun Li’s new novel.


Rosanna McLaughlin

‘She’d always been a heavy sweater, ever since puberty first coated her skin with downy fur, transforming the climate of her body into something dank and grotty.’

An excerpt from Rosanna McLaughlin’s Sinkhole.

Kick the Latch

Kathryn Scanlan

‘You live at the track, your life is full.’

An excerpt from Kathryn Scanlan’s new work of fiction, Kick the Latch.

The Unfolding

A.M. Homes

‘As the brightness increases, the sky flushes with pink and red hues somewhere between birth and Armageddon.’

An excerpt from A.M. Homes’ new novel.

Life Is Everywhere

Lucy Ives

‘Erin’s mother, whom Erin also loved, was a covetous person, treacherous and clever.’

An excerpt from Lucy Ives’ new novel.