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Saba Sams

A new short story by Saba Sams.

How to Be a Revolutionary

CA Davids

‘How could anything be yours, intimately yours, and not belong to you at all?’

An excerpt from the new novel by CA Davids.


Ursula Scavenius

‘All I ask is that we arrive.’

A short story translated by Jennifer Russell.

The Blake Fellowship

Timothy Ogene

An excerpt from Seesaw by Timothy Ogene.

Donut County

Kate Lister Campbell

‘The fertility process is more like gambling than investment.’

Two women meet in an IVF clinic in this short story by Kate Lister Campbell.


Eugene Lim

‘What was she ushering in and what was a grand program for which she was simply helpless agent?’

An excerpt from Search History by Eugene Lim.


Sarah Hall

‘When I was eight, my mother died and Naomi arrived.’

An excerpt from Burntcoat by Sarah Hall.

A Page Pounded Clean

Kathryn Scanlan

‘There was no shriek, no gore, but the tail – it looked electrically charged.’

A story by Kathryn Scanlan.

A Stiff Flame from the Neck

Kathryn Scanlan

‘I gripped her and struck the wheel on her neck, but I couldn’t get it to spark.’

A story by Kathryn Scanlan.

Jean Betrays Memory

David Hayden

‘Beauty was a state of being blamed’

New fiction by David Hayden.


Elisa Victoria

‘I hope I never have to miss a playdate for catechism.’

An excerpt from Oldladyvoice, translated from the Spanish by Charlotte Whittle.

Larger than an Orange

Lucy Burns

An excerpt from Larger than an Orange, a book by Lucy Burns about abortion.

Just the Plague

Ludmila Ulitskaya

‘It seems to be more than he can cope with.’

An excerpt from Ulitskaya’s newly translated novel Just the Plague.

An Adult Taste

Kang Young-sook

‘The blood that flowed down the drain was a deep dark red, but it appeared clean, even refreshing.’

A new story by Kang Young-sook, translated from the Korean by Janet Hong.