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Vigdis Hjorth

‘The people she longed to be understood by, the ones at whom her anxious hope was pinned, were her parents.’

Fiction by Vigdis Hjorth, translated by Charlotte Barslund.

The Sensitivity Reader

Andrew O’Hagan

‘Human nature is not improved by concealment, especially when it comes to the past.’

A short story by Andrew O’Hagan.

Yr Dead

Sam Sax

‘Behind the 7/11 after dark, anything is possible.’

Fiction by Sam Sax.

Stalin, Lenin, Robespierre

Brandon Taylor

‘He tried to think about what sort of person he wanted to be in this world and how he might bring that about.’

Fiction by Brandon Taylor.

The Attaché’s Wife

Karan Mahajan

“I’m from here. I grew up here. In fact, that’s why the government invited me back for this work.”

Short fiction by Karan Mahajan.


Lillian Fishman

‘Diana saw that Lucy’s appeal was in the nostalgia of her looks: Hers was a teen beauty, at home nowhere more than in a miniskirt.’

Fiction by Lillian Fishman.

The Full Package

Zoe Dubno

‘I wasn’t against fashion; I wasn’t one of those people who need to make it into a whole statement about their intellect.’

Fiction by Zoe Dubno.

Ricks & Hern

Nico Walker

‘Naturally, no partnership is perfect. Certain pieces will be at odds – you’ll have that.’

Fiction by Nico Walker.

And That’s How I Became a Woman

Vigdis Hjorth

‘Finn Lykke opened the door wearing jeans and a freshly-ironed, white shirt, he had made an effort.’

Fiction by Vigdis Hjorth, translated by Charlotte Barslund.

And Of The Son

Rachel Connolly

‘There’s something in her face. Adoration? I mean, she’s drunk. But she clearly has a thing for me.’

Fiction by Rachel Connolly.


Jessi Jezewska Stevens

‘One did not have high hopes for Gettysburg. Nor for Pennsylvania in general. Having grown up in Indiana, Diana felt she’d earned her condescension.’

Fiction by Jessi Jezewska Stevens.


Marcus Ong Kah Ho

‘The parties always had a good mix of men and women, although more often than not there were more good-looking women than men.’

Fiction by Marcus Ong Kah Ho.

Solo Poly

Sophie Frances Kemp

‘When you are a female this is what happens: if you are not selected to be a mate by age twenty-seven, you are asked to get on the bus.’

Fiction by Sophie Frances Kemp.

The Legion

Shaun Wilson

‘A should probably write that it hit uz like a smack in the guts, or the red mist cem down or sumet like that, but in all honesty, a can just remember feelen upset.’

New fiction by Shaun Wilson.