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Welcome to the New World

Jessi Jezewska Stevens

New fiction from Jessi Jezewska Stevens. ‘Debt is the molten bedrock upon which all else shifts.’

The Nightwatch

Mary Rokonadravu

Winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize for the Pacific region.

We Had to Remove This Post

Hanna Bervoets

‘A video of someone flinging their cat out the window is only allowed if cruelty is not a motive’. An excerpt from the new novel by Hanna Bervoets.

Acts of Service

Lillian Fishman

‘I had hundreds of nudes stored in my phone, but I’d never sent them to anyone.’

An excerpt from Lillian Fishman’s new novel.


Adam Foulds

‘It was unmistakable, he said; it was absolutely him.’

Fiction by Adam Foulds.

National Dress

Rebecca Sollom

‘That smile the President has – it was just the same then as it is now.’

Fiction by Rebecca Sollom.

An English Opening

Maxim Osipov

‘In a bad position, any move is worthless.’

New fiction by Maxim Osipov, translated from the Russian by Alex Fleming.

The Kingdom of Sand

Andrew Holleran

‘In a small town, one thinks that Time is not even passing.’

An excerpt from Holleran’s novel The Kingdom of Sand.

The Rub

William Hawkins

‘We were about halfway through our steaks and baked potatoes when she asked me if I was on PrEP.’

Fiction by William Hawkins, winner of the 2022 Disquiet Fiction Prize.

Scream Queen

Julia Armfield

‘She is well-behaved, as icons go, she toes the party line.’

Short fiction by the author of Our Wives Under the Sea.

Staying In

Lieke Marsman

‘I’m a cucumber, a cucumber, a cucumber, I would whisper aloud to my eight-year-old self.’

An excerpt from Lieke Marsman’s new novel.

How It Works

David Hayden

‘Dinner plates empty in front of me, and the present softens and melts’.

New fiction from David Hayden.

Two Nameless Women

Cristina Rivera Garza

‘She turned to look at me, and, knowing I was being looked at, I smiled at her.’

Two unnamed women in a story by Cristina Rivera Garza.

Small Girl Landlady

Adachioma Ezeano

‘Trouble was awake – we didn’t need anyone to tell us.’

New fiction by Adachioma Ezeano.