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Fat Bodies

Forsyth Harmon

‘Justine was at my lab table, pulling at the ends of her black bob, shoving her hair into her mouth.’


Niki Bañados

An excerpt from the graphic novel, Return, by Niki Bañados.


Eva Baltasar

‘This never made sense to Roxanne, whose whole life was a treat.’

Translated from the Catalan by Julia Sanches.

I’ve Been Away for a While

Dan Shurley

‘When the world releases him from its oily grip will there still be a world?’

In Bright Light

Paul Dalla Rosa

‘The hard thing, as Alice saw it, was that something bad had happened to her and it was private and then it wasn’t.’

The Scarecrow

Diaa Jubaili & Chip Rossetti

‘Just at the time of the ceasefire between Iraq and Iran in 1988, an infantry platoon discovered that they were in a minefield.’

Translated from the Arabic by Chip Rossetti.

My Phantoms

Gwendoline Riley

‘I’m not sure I even thought of him as a person, really. He was more just this – phenomenon.’

Your Delicate Body

Caleb Azumah Nelson

‘And it wasn’t that day, or the day after, but sometime after that, you cried in your kitchen.’

Asylum Road

Olivia Sudjic

‘She’d blinked at me kindly and said it must be sad when your country no longer exists, then returned to pulverising her asparagus.’

Night as It Falls

Jakuta Alikavazovic

‘There wasn’t much money. His father had been blunt: the classes were fine, the rest wasn’t.’

Ways of Knowing

Lauren Wallach

‘Maybe I was born with this face the way moths are born with the ability to blend in with bark, to survive.’


Caoilinn Hughes

‘She hadn’t been skiing since her master’s in Iceland, back when glaciers had some heft to them, though slackened and fast-diminishing as the legs of a retired cyclist.’

The High House

Jessie Greengrass

‘All those who might have lived instead of us are gone, or they are starving, while we stay on here at the high house, pulling potatoes from soft earth.’