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The Great Homecoming

Anna Kim

‘Seldom had identity been so fragile; it could be shattered by a piece of paper.’

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Sing Stone, Speak Fire

Dan Bradley

‘The emergency cords have been removed from the carriages for some time.’

A new story by Dan Bradley.

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Aoko Matsuda

‘Without any forewarning or explanation, people suddenly began visiting. They came in droves to find her.’

A story by Aoko Matsuda, translated by Polly Barton.

Granta 150

The Lost Performance of the High Priestess of the Temple of Horror

Carmen Maria Machado

‘The light pouring from the open door throbbed like a bruised thumb.’

New fiction from Carmen Maria Machado.

Granta 150

How to Count Like a Pro

Amy Leach

‘Clocks are the consummate counters, even better than bankers because they never sleep and especially they never dream.’

A lecture to animals by Amy Leach.

Granta 150

The Story of Anya

Mazen Maarouf

‘The dreams were packed together like coloured soap bubbles.’

Short fiction by Mazen Maarouf, translated from the Arabic by Jonathan Wright.

Granta 150

The Young Entrepreneurs of Miss Bristol’s Front Porch

Sidik Fofana

‘Every black girl on my block was waitin to get a look at Kandese when she first come for the summer. Her grandmuhva told us she hit a teacher with a ruler and got kicked out of her school in Harlem.’

Fiction by Sidik Fofana.

Granta 150


Che Yeun

‘Close, the way any two girls around here grow close, because there isn’t much else to do, and anyone who makes you forget how little there is to do, anyone who makes your heart race, is someone you suddenly cannot live without.’

Short fiction by Che Yeun.

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Naomi Ishiguro

‘My wife and I lay side by side, the bear looming over us in the same way a crucifixion scene looms above the pews inside a Catholic church.’

Short fiction by Naomi Ishiguro.

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Amina Cain

‘Every morning and night I walked through that city, to and from the museum.’

From Amina Cain’s new novel.

Granta 149, Europe

Late Arrival

Clemens Meyer

Two women working shifts in a train station make a connection in this short story translated from the German by Katy Derbyshire.

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The Shop

Anthony Veasna So

‘I am not saying you cannot be gay. How hard is it to be normal and gay?’

The Online Edition

The Normal Life

Dulce Maria Cardoso

‘Blood had started to come out from within, thick and dark blood that forced me to use sanitary pads every month.’

The Online Edition


Jeet Thayil

‘Quitting drugs – what an idea. How final and unaccommodating. Like being left without faith or protection in a pagan world.’ An extract from Jeet Thayil’s Low.