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Podcast | Eula Biss

Eula Biss

‘What does it say about capitalism that we have money and want to spend it but we can’t find anything worth buying?’

Eula Biss on her book Having and Being Had.

Podcast | Stephanie Sy-Quia

Stephanie Sy-Qyia

‘Empires fall like milk teeth.’

Stephanie Sy-Quia on her collection Amnion.

Podcast | Tice Cin

Tice Cin

‘Careful when you turn your eyes towards someone, you allow them the chance to turn theirs on you.’

Tice Cin on her debut novel Keeping the House.

Podcast | Joanna Kavenna

Joanna Kavenna

‘We all now exist as avatars, on shining tiles in these cubist landscapes’

Joanna Kavenna discusses her all-too-familiar surveillance dystopia, Zed.

Podcast | Caleb Klaces

Caleb Klaces

‘I think the infrastructure of community around fathering is very limited.’

We discuss Caleb Klaces’s debut novel, Fatherhood.

Podcast | Sophie Mackintosh

Sophie Mackintosh

‘Imagine if an alien came to earth and asked, so how to you reproduce?’

We discuss Blue Ticket and the body horror of motherhood.

Podcast | Ottessa Moshfegh

Ottessa Moshfegh

‘Unless you are completely shut down and in denial, there’s no way you’re getting out of this without having changed.’

Ottessa Moshfegh on 2020 and her new novel.

Podcast | Carmen Maria Machado

Carmen Maria Machado

We discuss the dilemmas presented by her new memoir, In the Dream House.

‘What does it mean to present a face of one’s community that isn’t commonly seen, and that might be seen as bad PR?’

Podcast | Momtaza Mehri

Momtaza Mehri

We discuss her collection, Doing the Most with the Least, on the Granta Podcast.

‘don’t be / shocked when I say I was in prison you’re still in prison that’s / what this land means prison.’

Podcast | Jenny Offill

Jenny Offill

We discuss her new book, Weather, on the Granta Podcast.

‘Yes, it's dire. Yes, we're not sure what to do. Does that mean we have nothing to do?’


Sandra Newman

‘While you’re still arguing you still have hope.’

Max Porter reads Will Self

Max Porter & Will Self

In this episode of the podcast, Max Porter, author of Grief is the Thing with Feathers reads ‘False Blood’ by Will Self.