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Podcast | Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor

‘How far can one deviate from the accepted pieties before one is kicked out?’

Brandon Taylor on naturalism and the future of fiction.

Podcast | Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid

‘The place we come from, the place we call home, is the home of our suffering.’

Jamaica Kincaid talks about finding her way to writing.

Podcast | Claire-Louise Bennett

Claire-Louise Bennett

‘I want the reader to be conscious of reading and not being just drawn into the book and forgetting themselves and forgetting their life.’

Claire-Louise Bennett on her novel Checkout 19.

Podcast | Lynne Tillman

Lynne Tillman

‘In a sense we are always haunted by our past and what psychoanalysis is, for me, is not about cure but about understanding those ghosts.’

Lynne Tillman on her books Weird Fucks and Haunted Houses.

Podcast | Vanessa Onwuemezi

Vanessa Onwuemezi

‘I think sometimes that when things are really explained to you, you kind of cheat someone from experiencing a deeper feeling.’

Vanessa Onwuemezi talks about her book Dark Neighbourhood.

Podcast | Anthony Anaxagorou

Anthony Anaxagorou

‘How do we perform our politics, our outrage and our grievances when we are among a group?’

Anthony Anaxagorou talks about his collection Heritage Aesthetics.

Podcast | Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

‘Places don’t always remember what they are.’

Ayanna Lloyd Banwo talks about her novel When We Were Birds.

Podcast | Mary Gaitskill

Mary Gaitskill

‘Fiction, even if it’s completely made up, does say something about how you experience reality.’

Mary Gaitskill talks about her book The Devil’s Treasure.

Podcast | Eula Biss

Eula Biss

‘What does it say about capitalism that we have money and want to spend it but we can’t find anything worth buying?’

Eula Biss on her book Having and Being Had.

Podcast | Stephanie Sy-Quia

Stephanie Sy-Qyia

‘Empires fall like milk teeth.’

Stephanie Sy-Quia on her collection Amnion.

Podcast | Tice Cin

Tice Cin

‘Careful when you turn your eyes towards someone, you allow them the chance to turn theirs on you.’

Tice Cin on her debut novel Keeping the House.

Podcast | Joanna Kavenna

Joanna Kavenna

‘We all now exist as avatars, on shining tiles in these cubist landscapes’

Joanna Kavenna discusses her all-too-familiar surveillance dystopia, Zed.