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Granta 166: Generations

Essays & Memoir | Issue 166

Ecce Senex: Stephen James Joyce

James Scudamore

‘He was “a Joyce, not a Joycean”, yet considered himself the supreme arbiter of what constituted valuable Joyce scholarship. At the same time, he admitted that he rarely read anything in full.’

James Scudamore on trying to ghostwrite Stephen James Joyce's memoir.

Essays & Memoir | Issue 166

The Millennial Mind

Anton Jäger

‘Millennials were more than willing to bargain by riot.’

Anton Jäger evaluates the millennial generation.

Fiction | Issue 166

Yr Dead

Sam Sax

‘Behind the 7/11 after dark, anything is possible.’

Fiction by Sam Sax.

Essays & Memoir | Issue 166

The Life, Old Age and Death of a Woman of the People

Didier Eribon

‘How little one knows, really, about one’s parents.’

Memoir by Didier Eribon translated by Michael Lucey.

Fiction | Issue 166

The Full Package

Zoe Dubno

‘I wasn’t against fashion; I wasn’t one of those people who need to make it into a whole statement about their intellect.’

Fiction by Zoe Dubno.

From the Archive

Essays & Memoir | Issue 65

A Small Bengal, NW3

Amit Chaudhuri

‘Those who stayed on had their reasons. . . and none of those reasons, it is safe to suppose, had anything to do with an overwhelming attachment to England.’

An essay by Amit Chaudhuri.

Art & Photography | Issue 25

Means of Transport

John Berger

‘Use these photos as means of transport. Ride on them. No passes needed. Go close. Imprudently close. They leave every minute.’

John Berger on images of violent dispossession from South Africa and Lesotho.

In Conversation | The Online Edition

Bruce Chatwin | Interview

Bruce Chatwin & Michael Ignatieff

‘We have everything here, but I always wish I was somewhere else. It's a condition that makes one very difficult to live with.’

Michael Ignatieff interviews Bruce Chatwin.

Highlights From Granta Books

Recommended Reading

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

My Time Machine

Arthur Asseraf

‘How do we imagine the past of those we love?’

Arthur Asseraf on family and fractured memories.

Essays & Memoir | Issue 165 padlock

Last Week at Marienbad

Lauren Oyler

‘The only thing on the schedule was spa.’

Lauren Oyler on her trip to Marienbad.

Poetry | The Online Edition

Moving Nowhere Here

Kimberly Campanello

‘I am afraid to say we are all / progressing or regressing / down a more or less screwy road / found on a very old map / until / we are going Nowhere.’

A poem by Kimberly Campanello.

Fiction | The Online Edition

The Tupperware Party

Montserrat Roig

‘We’re going to go crazy today, Merche exclaimed and then let out an electric shriek.’

Fiction by Montserrat Roig, translated by Julia Sanches.

News, Prizes and Events


When I Sing, Mountains Dance and Chilean Poet Shortlisted for Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize

When I Sing, Mountains Dance by Irene Sola (trans. Mara Faye Lethem) and Chilean Poet by Alejandro Zambra (trans. Megan McDowell) are both shortlisted for the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize.


Our Share of Night Shortlisted for The Kitschies

Our Share of Night by Mariana Enriquez (trans. Megan McDowell) is shortlisted for The Kitschies Red Tentacle award, awarded to speculative, sci-fi and fantasy novels.


I’m A Fan Wins a British Book Award

I'm A Fan by Sheena Patel wins the Book of the Year: Discover Award at the British Book Awards.