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Acts of Service

Lillian Fishman

‘I had hundreds of nudes stored in my phone, but I’d never sent them to anyone.’

An excerpt from Lillian Fishman’s new novel.

Fiction | The Online Edition

How It Works

David Hayden

‘Dinner plates empty in front of me, and the present softens and melts’.

New fiction from David Hayden.

Art & Photography | The Online Edition

Kafka’s Drawings

Franz Kafka & Andreas Kilcher

Previously unpublished drawings by Franz Kafka, author of The Trial and The Castle.

Fiction | The Online Edition

The Rub

William Hawkins

‘We were about halfway through our steaks and baked potatoes when she asked me if I was on PrEP.’

Fiction by William Hawkins, winner of the 2022 Disquiet Fiction Prize.

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

A World Run by Mothers

Saba Sams

‘In all the years I spent dreaming of motherhood, not once did I dream of men. If anything, I expected that romance would be my downfall.’

Saba Sams on the women who raised her, and becoming a mother at 22.

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Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

Black Box

Shiori Ito

Shiori Ito has become integral to the #MeToo movement taking hold in Japan.

Fiction | The Online Edition

The Schoolmaster’s Enemy

Missouri Williams

A new short story by Missouri Williams, author of The Doloriad.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Acts of Desperation

Megan Nolan

‘I wish I could step inside this memory and steady myself, put a cool reassuring hand on my own and convince myself to wait.’

An excerpt from Megan Nolan’s Acts of Desperation, shortlisted for the Sunday Times Young Writers Award.

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

She Used to Sing Opera

Imogen Crimp

‘I used to be ashamed of it, though I’m not sure what exactly felt shameful.’

On training to be an opera singer.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Nights at the Hotel Splendido

Sam Munson

‘Everybody’s face looks different at night, especially outside. You see their real faces.’

A new story by Sam Munson.

News, Prizes and Events


Michel Nieva and Natasha Wimmer winners of 2022 O. Henry Prize

‘Dengue Boy’ by Michel Nieva, translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer, is a winner of the 2022 O. Henry Prize for Short Fiction.


A Passage North Shortlisted for Dylan Thomas Prize

A Passage North by Anuk Arudpragasam is on the shortlist for the Dylan Thomas Prize 2022.


The Invisible Land Wins the Scott Moncrieff Prize

Sam Taylor's translation of The Invisible Land by Hubert Mingarelli has won the Society of Authors Scott Moncrieff Prize 2021.