Granta 118: Exit Strategies | Winter 2012

Granta 118: Exit Strategies

Winter 2012

In this issue John Barth contemplates the end of writing fiction. Alice Munro explores the interior world of an elderly woman losing her memory. Aleksandar Hemon tells the story of his family’s escape from the Bosnian War, and the love and fate of Mek, their Irish setter. David Long writes about a man haunted by a sexual encounter decades ago. Claire Messud searches for her father’s Beirut, long since gone, as he himself lies dying in a hospice in Connecticut.

Online Edition

Howard Goldblatt | Interview

Howard Goldblatt & Sophia Efthimiatou

On Waking from a Dream

Stephen Grosz

Books I Read This Year

Various Contributors

Han Dong | Interview

Han Dong & Philip Hand

Two Poems

Paula Bohince

Paula Bohince | Interview

Paula Bohince & Ted Hodgkinson

Rowan Ricardo Phillips | Interview

Rowan Ricardo Phillips & Ted Hodgkinson


Adrienne Rich

Refugee Dreams

Peter Behrens

God Bless You, 2011

Hiromi Kawakami

Tea Water

Gyrdir Eliasson

Edmund White | Interview

Edmund White & Patrick Ryan

Runs Girl | New Voices

Chinelo Okparanta

John Barth | Podcast

John Barth

The End?: Writers respond to John Barth

Various Contributors


Chris Emery

Brodsky’s Room and a Half

Valeria Luiselli

A Trip to Syria

David McConnell

Sky Burial

Maile Chapman


Justin Mundhenk

That Father Lost

Dave Lucas

Abingdon Square Park

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Chinelo Okparanta | Interview

Chinelo Okparanta & Yuka Igarashi

Letters From Two Exit Strategists

Jacob Newberry & Vanessa Manko


Ellen Rachlin

The Madonna of the Sea

Maaza Mengiste

Detroit, 1966

Lynda Schuster

The Moon and Back

Jessica Thummel

sleeping far from home

Soledad Marambio

The Sun in a Box

Caleb Klaces

Holy Solitude

Kong Yalei

Jon McGregor | Podcast

Jon McGregor & Ted Hodgkinson

We’ll always have Paris

Richard Meier

Drifting House

Krys Lee

Juan Pablo Villalobos | Interview

Juan Pablo Villalobos & Rosalind Harvey

The Moon and the Batteries

Hiromi Kawakami

Bird of Fire

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

The Grandson of Jesus Christ

Apricot Irving

Santa Claus is in the Living Room

Santiago Roncagliolo

When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man | New Voices

Nick Dybek

Nick Dybek | Interview

Nick Dybek & Ted Hodgkinson

Sunday Drive Home

David Masello

Owen Freeman | Interview

Owen Freeman & Daniela Silva

Revolution Revived: Egyptian Diary

Wiam El-Tamami

Our Adder

Richard Kerridge

Prison Echoes

Shahrnush Parsipur

Dark Night

Ben Okri

At The Kitchen Table

Peter Orner

The Plano Suicides

Stefan Merrill Block

Preserves for Life

Olga Tokarczuk

Madison, Mon Amour

Patrick Ryan