Translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer


The Granta New Poets series showcases the best new work by writers who have or are about to publish their first pamphlet or book. Today, we are delighted to announce two New Poets simultaneously: Caleb Klaces and Soledad Marambio.

Soledad Marambio’s poem, ‘sleeping far from home’ is below and you can also read Caleb Klaces’s poem, ‘The Sun in a Box’, here.


sleeping far from home


something brushes her forehead
she wakes with a start
no one beside her in bed


they tell her over the phone
about the blackberry jam
she won’t taste this year
they went south again to pick berries


they told her a thrush came into the house
and fell asleep by the TV
there are no thrushes here, she replies


she asks them to look for the book in the boxes
she asks them to please send it



Photograph by Benny Lin

Letters from One Young Poet to Another
The Sun in a Box