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People From My Neighbourhood: Behind the Scenes

Clare Skeats

Clare Skeats on the cover design for Hiromi Kawakami’s latest book of stories, translated by Ted Goossen.


Teju Cole

‘I made many pictures of such trees, and each time, some analogy to art would impress itself on me, the more so because of the universally locked museum doors.’

Still Life

Leanne Shapton

‘Because that’s what I’m doing a lot of; looking around the interiors I occupy, the corners of my occupied apartment.’


Diana Matar

‘The features and expressions were uncannily contemporary. Some seemed to be mirror images of the people I had seen at the protest in Piazza del Gesù.’


Wiktoria Wojciechowska & Lisa Halliday

‘But only a city without people is immune. Only a city in which nothing circulates, nothing changes hands, nothing flourishes.’

Lisa Halliday introduces the photography of Wiktoria Wojciechowska.

True Story

Toyin Ojih Odutola & Yaa Gyasi

‘What if our art had not been stolen, our people not enslaved? What if we imagined a good story, a righteous and just story, and then we worked to make it true?’

Forest as Metaphor

John Vink

‘Trees, mostly the older and weaker ones, were toppled by the wind, dragging neighbouring trees down, just like someone contaminated by the virus would contaminate another.’


Anita Khemka & Rana Dasgupta

‘Anita’s documentation of Laxmi developed into what has become a lifelong friendship bound by photography.’

Rana Dasgupta introduces the photography of Anita Khemka.


Mónica de la Torre

‘Eerily animated, it’s as if the gloves persist in their attempt to express something that can’t be reduced to words, something untranslatable.’

Crimes of Space

Eyal Weizman & Rana Dasgupta

‘Architecture can be employed as a form of violence and violation.’

Border Documents

Arturo Soto

‘The twin cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez lie either side of the US–Mexico border.’


Ruchir Joshi

‘I was close to my own father, which many people are not.’

Ruchir Joshi remembers his son.

The Shrouds on the Glacier du Rhône

Simon Norfolk & Klaus Thymann & Francis Hodgson

Photographs of the Rhône Glacier by Simon Norfolk and Klaus Thymann, with an introduction by Francis Hodgson.

An Instrument of Pure Motion

Tommi Parrish

‘They say they are too busy but actually they are too busy for you.’ A story by graphic novelist Tommi Parrish.