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Julianne Pachico and Colin Barrett in Conversation

Julianne Pachico & Colin Barrett

Julianne Pachico and Colin Barrett debate line writing vs free writing, inherited literatures and how to give a reading.

Eli Goldstone | Five Things Right Now

Eli Goldstone

‘The closest I come to meditating is sitting in front of a tumble dryer with a dead magazine.’

George Saunders In Conversation | Podcast

George Saunders

A discussion of the mind of Abraham Lincoln, the art of creating historical voices, verbal improv and writing the afterlife.

Sarah Gerard | Five Things Right Now

Sarah Gerard

Sarah Gerard on Leonora Carrington, shoegaze music and gaslighting.

Sana Krasikov and Viv Groskop In Conversation

Sana Krasikov & Viv Groskop

Sana Krasikov and Viv Groskop discuss the Soviet experience, the rise of mass cynicism and the politics of Russia and the US today.

Sana Krasikov | Five Things Right Now

Sana Krasikov

‘The world is teeming with demons who are always looking for ways to screw with your good fortune.’

Diane Williams In Conversation | Podcast

Diane Williams & Luke Neima

Williams discusses her approach to writing and editing, the gatekeepers of literary publication and stitching.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Reads John Keats’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale’

Luke Neima

Not long before he died on 21 December 1940, F. Scott Fitzgerald recorded himself reading a version of John Keats’ ‘Ode to a Nightingale’.

Gwendoline Riley | Five Things Right Now

Gwendoline Riley

Gwendoline Riley on Caspar David Friedrich, sketching and Chekhov.

Ken Follett Reads ‘Bad Faith’

Ken Follett

Ken Follett reads his piece, ‘Bad Faith’, from Granta 137

Maureen N. McLane in Conversation

Maureen N. McLane & Rachael Allen

Granta’s poetry editor Rachael Allen talks to Maureen N. McLane about ecology, lyric authority, and balancing poetry with criticism.

Five Things Right Now: Cynan Jones

Cynan Jones

‘A pair of seagulls. I say a pair. They might just be good friends.’

Five Things Right Now: Eliza Robertson

Eliza Robertson

‘For me, astrology’s opened this new language and field of understanding.’

Granta Reads: Angela Carter’s ‘Cousins’

Angela Carter

In this Halloween edition of the Granta podcast, Josie Mitchell reads Angela Carter’s 1980 short story, ‘Cousins’. The first in our Halloween series.

Mark Gevisser and Pwaangulongii Dauod In Conversation

Pwaangulongii Dauod

Mark Gevisser and Pwaangulongii Dauod discuss Africa’s LGBTI communities, an experience of violent sexual repression, and Afro-Modernity.

Five Things Right Now: Renee Gladman

Renee Gladman

‘I go here to slow everything down, to study shadow in a space of dreaming.’

Madeleine Thien In Conversation

Madeleine Thien & Ka Bradley

‘Do you speak or do you not speak? Is every word that you speak then compromised?’

Astrid Alben In Conversation: Podcast

Astrid Alben

Astrid Alben discusses her work, the interdisciplinary journal Pars, and developing a poetic alter ego.

Five Things Right Now: Melissa Febos

Melissa Febos

‘I don’t care if anyone is watching and that’s the point.’

Interview: Oliverio Coelho

Oliverio Coelho & Kit Maude

‘I know what you're thinking: I'm indulging in cut-price philosophy to avoid the question’

Summer Reads


The Granta staff shares what they’re reading over the summer.

Five Things Right Now: Melissa Lee-Houghton

Melissa Lee-Houghton

‘It thrills and delights me that I can now watch concerts I would’ve given several fingers to go to in the ’90s, albeit wonky though these videos are.’

Five Things Right Now: Siobhán Mannion

Siobhán Mannion

Siobhán Mannion shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.

Paula Bohince & Jane Mead in Conversation

Paula Bohince & Jane Mead

‘It seemed that recording her sickness was cold and vulgar, that if ever I should be a participant and not an observer, this was the time.’

Nuala O’Connor and Siobhán Mannion in Conversation

Nuala O’Connor & Siobhán Mannion

‘I’m always interested to hear about people’s writing spaces; I presume the canary is a quiet bird.’

Sally Rooney and Joanna Walsh in Conversation

Sally Rooney & Joanna Walsh

‘What I’m trying to do is to find ways of expressing myself which try to subvert those forms in order to make the speech act, or the writing act, transgressive in a way.’

Emma Jane Unsworth and Rachel B. Glaser In Conversation

Emma Jane Unsworth & Rachel B. Glaser

‘Fiction is like those amazing robots that build other robots.’

Han Kang in Conversation

Han Kang & Max Porter

Han Kang comes to the Granta and Portobello offices to discuss writing and design the paperback cover for her book Human Acts.

Five Things Right Now: Katy Simpson Smith

Katy Simpson Smith

Katy Simpson Smith shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.

Matthew Green and Bryan Doerries

Matthew Green & Bryan Doerries

Matthew Green and Bryan Doerries discuss Greek tragedy, post-traumatic stress disorder and the cathartic power of drama.