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In Conversation

Tom Bullough & Ben Rawlence

‘People may not want realism but it’s still our job to try and supply it in compelling and truthful ways.’

Tom Bullough and Ben Rawlence on writing into the climate crisis.

Tom Bullough

Tom Bullough grew up on a hill farm in Radnorshire, Wales, and lives in the Brecon Beacons with his children. He is the author of four novels - A, The Claude Glass, Konstantin, and Addlands - and, now, Sarn Helen, his first work of non-fiction. Tom is a climate activist and a freelance tutor in creative writing, and runs regular courses on climate and writing for Black Mountains College and the Arvon Foundation.

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Ben Rawlence

BEN RAWLENCE is a former researcher for Human Rights Watch in the Horn of Africa. He is the author of Radio Congo, and has written for a wide range of publications including the Guardian, the New York Times, the London Review of Books, and Prospect. He lives in the Black Mountains in Wales with his family.

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