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The New Me

Andrea Abreu

Translated by Julia Sanches

‘Needy text messages did not mesh with my new personality.’

Fiction by Andrea Abreu, translated by Julia Sanches.

Andrea Abreu

Andrea Abreu (1995) was born in Tenerife, Spain. She is author of the poetry collection Mujer sin párpados. Her first novel, Panza de burro, will be translated into various languages and adapted for the screen by El Estudio.

Photograph © Alex de la Torre

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Translated by Julia Sanches

Julia Sanches was born in Brazil and grew up in Mexico, the US, Switzerland, Scotland and Catalonia. She translates from Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan into English, and has worked with Geovani Martins, Claudia Hernández, Dolores Reyes and Eva Baltasar, among others. She is a founding member of the Cedilla & Co. translators’ collective, and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Image © Dagan Farancz

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