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Sarah Hall | Podcast

Sarah Hall & Saskia Vogel

Sarah Hall speaks to Saskia Vogel about wolves, tattoos and the wilds of Cumbria.

Xiaolu Guo | Podcast

Xiaolu Guo & Ellah Alfrey

Xiaolu Guo speaks to Ellah Alfrey about growing up in rural China, becoming an East Ender and writing in English.

David Szalay | Podcast

David Szalay & Ted Hodgkinson

David Szalay on how spending time in Hungary makes it easier to write about London, trying to live off betting on horses and how memory informs his work.

Joanna Kavenna | Podcast

Joanna Kavenna & Ellah Allfrey

Ellah Alfrey talks with Joanna Kavenna about wanderlust, genre-hopping and Nietzsche.

Naomi Alderman | Podcast

Naomi Alderman & Ellah Allfrey

Ellah Allfrey speaks with Naomi Alderman, one of Granta’s Best Young British Novelists.

International Prize for Arabic Fiction | Podcast

Saud Alsanousi & Ellah Alfrey

On Tuesday 23 April, in Abu Dhabi, Saud Alsanousi was announced winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

Taiye Selasi | Podcast

Taiye Selasi & Ellah Allfrey

Taiye Selasi talks about her mother’s garden, Rachmaninov and learning to speak Italian.

Evie Wyld | Podcast

Evie Wyld & Ted Hodgkinson

Evie Wyld talks to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about why living in Peckham makes it easier to write about rural Australia, how memory informs her stories and why she can’t write a novel without at least one shark in it.

Adam Foulds | Podcast

Adam Foulds

Adam Foulds spoke to John Freeman about how he wanted to be a scientist before discovering writing and his time working in a warehouse as a forklift truck driver.

Tan Twan Eng | Podcast

Tan Twan Eng & John Freeman

Tan Twan Eng speaks to Granta’s John Freeman about the art of shakkei and being shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

The Ethics of Photojournalism | Podcast

Michael Salu, Afshin Dehkordi & Daniel Campbell Blight

Michael Salu, Afshin Dehkordi and Daniel Campbell Blight on controversial imagery and the relationship between the subject and the photographer.

James Lasdun | Podcast

James Lasdun & Ted Hodgkinson

James Lasdun on his memoir, D.H. Lawrence and why finding a close reader can sometimes be a curse.

Colin Robinson | Podcast

Colin Robinson & Ted Hodgkinson

Colin Robinson reads from his memoir ‘Paddleball’ in Granta 122: Betrayal and talks to Ted Hodgkinson about how an old brotherly friction re-emerged during a game in New York, and how gym culture has changed the way we view our bodies.

André Aciman | Podcast

André Aciman & Yuka Igarashi

André Aciman reads from the work and speaks to Granta’s Yuka Igarashi about the story, the problem with unreliable narrators and modern poetry, and why self-deception and betrayal are good subjects for fiction.