In the latest Granta podcast, Saskia Vogel speaks to Lina Wolff, a contributor to the Travel issue and author of the story collection Många människor dör som du (Many People Die Like You) and the novel Bret Easton Ellis och de andra hundarna (Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs). Wolff writes in Swedish, and her story in the issue is based in Spain. Here she discusses the tension she felt between a ‘Spanishness’ and ‘Swedishness’ when writing and between a rational way of being and a magical way of thinking. She also discusses Lorca, Dante, literary travellers and their guides and the idea of irrationality and the artistic temperament.

‘I think in the beginning it was a crisis. I started to write because I felt the need to fit in, and not be an outsider… I have felt bound to an outsideness and an otherness.’



Image by Kristianstads kommun

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