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Two Poems

Jenny Xie

‘Colors unstudied where human activity hasn’t yet / congealed’

Two new poems by Jenny Xie.

Scheherazade Conjoining (31)

Jay G. Ying

‘Thank any God, our emergency is celestially authorised’

New poetry by Jay G. Ying.

The novel

Jack Underwood

‘Only they don’t know / that this silence is what they yearn for.’

A new poem by Jack Underwood.

This time

Jack Underwood

‘I’m going to give them a linear sense of time, just one direction, all the way!’

A new poem by Jack Underwood.

Four Poems

Mark Waldron

‘Just look at those nasty trees flaunt / their leaves, each one a tra-la-la.’

Two Poems


‘It murmurs beneath the crust of the ground, or a person who serves as the ground you stand on.’

Three Poems

Miyó Vestrini

‘It was fake that your hugs were convulsive / and your furies unpredictable.’ Translated by Cassandra Gillig and Anne Boyer.

I Wrote a Poem About a Fucking River

Samantha Walton

‘though I’ve sat where torrents recall no slush / I’m drawn by your ceramic explosions’

Two Poems

Dara Wier

‘here we come / with our living // fruit baskets and / soon to wilt white flowers’

Two Poems

Jillian Weise

‘You want to get married? / We could die here // for lack of light’

You Guys

Ocean Vuong

‘I’m too tired she said / to be this happy / & we laughed without / moving our hands’

a style

Dara Wier

‘a style says conviction in indifference / conviction in style’

Three Poems

Karen McCarthy Woolf

‘May it not be / that they owe their fleshiness / to the cumulative effect?’


Javier Zamora

‘I will etch visas on toilet paper and throw them from a lighthouse.’