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Two Poems

Mark Waldron


Once there lived a brother and sister

twins called Blossom and Blossom

Blossom was cruel and kind


In the forest I say they dwelt
and were as poor

as a humperdink moon dipped in nothing worth saying
and lost down the back of a cosmos

Blossom was smarter than a mouse in a homemade
catskin jumpsuit

(bowtie of cat liver whisker-stitched)


Blossom was quiet and loud
and silly and smart

Both were species afar from the lumbering tree
who lugs his preposterous weight

and who is witness to all the quick quick slow


Blossom and Blossom got bitten off face down
by wolves running on foreign law


A witch awoke

breaks brittle sticks quick for the oven


Something good leaks out of the world
Something bad leaks in





The Garrulous Horse

Once on a time

I went out for a crawl
in calamitous sunshine

and a horse across the road said to me

What are you looking at

The young cobbler who is me crawled on
as if the horse had not spake

I see a femininity in you continued the nag
That womanliness which manifests in the faces of men on their deathbeds

 as if a cosy girl rose up from within them
to occupy the space where a man’s countenance had once rightfully reigned

When the glamorous young prince (still me)
repaired to his castle (house)

he said to his chambermaid (wife) My pillow is so old and thin

 I should throw him out but I cannot because I’m in love with him

 Is he a bit like me asked the bosomy maid

No he’s a bit like me said the miserable old king

and they lived happy together

for all their lives


Image © GLAS-8


An extract from A Straight Up Giant by Mark Waldron, published by Bloodaxe Books.

Mark Waldron

Mark Waldron's fourth poetry collection Sweet, like Rinky-Dink is published by Bloodaxe Books in May 2019.

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