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Four Women, One Revolution

Various Contributors

A video profiling four women who participated in the Egyptian Revolution: a student, a cancer researcher, an art curator and a journalist advocate.

Micah Garen

Micah Garen is a writer, documentary filmmaker and photographer who has worked in conflict zones around the world.  His documentary film work has appeared in the New York Times, BBC, FT, APTN, PBS, and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. His critically acclaimed first book, American Hostage, a memoir about his time as a hostage in Iraq in 2004, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2005. He founded Four Corners Media with his partner Marie-Hélène Carleton in 2000.

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Horacio Castellanos Moya

Horacio Castellanos Moya is a writer from El Salvador, author of nine novels and five short story collections. His books have been translated into nine languages. He worked twelve years as a journalist in Mexico City. He has also lived in Costa Rica, Canada, Guatemala, Spain and Germany, where he spent two years in a program for writers supported by the Frankfurt International Book Fair. Currently he is living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His books translated into English are Senselessnes, The She-Devil in the Mirror and Dance with Snakes. New Directions will publish his new novel, Tyrant Memory, on June 2011.

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Anne Carson

Anne Carson was born in Canada and works in Iceland. ‘Visitors Rev. 4’ was inspired by Ragnar Kjartansson’s haunted installation The Visitors.

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Marie-Hélène Carleton

Marie-Hélène Carleton is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and writer. She is currently completing her first feature-length documentary film about the destruction of culture in Iraq as a result of the war. The film is being executive produced by Oscar winner Alex Gibney and produced by the Oscar-winning team, Wider Film Projects. Her short films have appeared online for The New York Times, Newsweek and the Financial Times. She is co-author of the critically acclaimed memoir American Hostage, published by Simon and Schuster in 2005. A co-founder of the media production company Four Corners Media, she was selected to participate in the inaugural 2011 Film Independent Documentary Lab in LA, as well as the 2009 IFP Documentary Film Lab.

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