In 2003, filmmaking duo Micah Garen and Marie-Hélène Carleton of Four Corners Media went to Iraq to make documentary about the looting of archaeological sites after the US invasion. While there they met Amir Doshi, author and teacher, who worked for them as an interpreter and guide through a landscape increasingly fraught with conflict. One day in August 2004, in the market place of Nasiriyah, Micah was unmasked as a foreigner by southern Iraqi militants and, together with Amir, taken hostage for ten days.

The following short film reunites Micah and Marie-Hélène with Amir, in the city of Erbil in July of 2011, and offers his perspective on a country recovering from trauma.



Photograph by David Stanley

Jongwe, the cockerel of liberation
I had wondered about the signs of burning