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Rachel Seiffert | Podcast

Rachel Seiffert & Yuka Igarashi

Rachel Seiffert reads her work and talks to Granta about writing silences, the inescapability of history, the Troubles and learning to love her characters.

Mark Haddon | Podcast

Mark Haddon

‘Sean finds a log to use as a shooting gallery and sends Daniel off in search of targets.’

Sean Borodale | Podcast

Sean Borodale & Ted Hodgkinson

Ted Hodgkinson interviews Granta New Poet Sean Borodale.

Cynan Jones | Podcast

Cynan Jones & Ted Hodgkinson

Cynan Jones spoke to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about why he doesn’t want to be defined as a Welsh writer, the pleasures and challenges of writing short stories and novellas and writing about the growing pains of adolescence.

Andrés Neuman | Podcast

Andrés Neuman & Ted Hodgkinson

‘During the four hours they spent alone three times a week, Hans and Sophie alternated between books and bed, bed and books, exploring one another in words and reading one another’s bodies.’

Jeanette Winterson | Podcast

Jeanette Winterson & Saskia Vogel

Jeanette Winterson reads from her new memoir, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, and her story ‘All I Know About Gertrude Stein’ from Granta 115: The F Word.

John Barth | Podcast

John Barth

John Barth discusses discovering William Faulkner and Lawrence Sterne as a student, the parallels between writing and arranging music, what happened to postmodernism and waiting for the muse to call.

Jon McGregor | Podcast

Jon McGregor & Ted Hodgkinson

Jon McGregor on reworking his first published story from the female perspective, his enduring fascination with Lincolnshire and his new short story collection, This Isn’t The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like You.

Highlights of 2011 | Podcast

Ted Hodgkinson

A compilation of some of the best readings of 2011, including Binyavanga Wainaina reading from his memoir One Day I Will Write About This Place, Robert Coover’s reading of his online story ‘Vampire’ and Granta debut contributor Taiye Selasi's reading of ‘The Sex Lives of African Girls’.

Don DeLillo & Paul Auster | Podcast

Paul Auster & Don DeLillo

Don DeLillo and Paul Auster discuss their work in Granta 117: Horror, ‘impoverished characters’ and living in and writing about New York.

Binyavanga Wainaina | Podcast

Binyavanga Wainaina & Ellah Allfrey

Binyavanga Wainaina talks to Ellah Allfrey about meeting the expectations of an African readership and what to do with a bad review.

Will Self & Mark Doty | Podcast

Mark Doty & Will Self

Will Self and Mark Doty's discussion with Granta publisher Sigrid Rausing about blood, the surprising relationship between Bram Stoker and Walt Whitman and the nature of addiction.

Robert Coover | Podcast

Robert Coover & Ted Hodgkinson

Robert Coover reads his short story ‘Vampire’ and discusses the quintessential English novel and the intersection between myth and the modern world.


Robert Olen Butler

‘I wake and it’s dark and a woman is beside me, naked and small, and she is waking too and the room is still heavy with the incense she burned for her dead.’