‘Ordinary Light’ is a selection of photographs which appears in the latest issue of Granta, Medicine, taken from Brad Feuerhelm’s extensive collection. Including images from diverse periods of history which offer glimpses into overlooked moments of intimacy and sometimes, trauma. A.L. Kennedy writes in her introduction:

Brad shows me hands, heads, scalps, mouths all rendered utterly alien, extinguished by malevolence or simple accident. As a species, we have such pretensions and yet we are also this: fragility and spoiled meat. And I am petty and churlish with people and yet they are also this. And I fear and condemn those of whom I disapprove and yet they are also this. And I waste so much time and yet I will come to this. And often I love those I love and kiss them with inadequate attention and yet they will come to this. A truth too large to grasp.

Here Brad spoke to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about the stories that lie behind his images from the issue and how his work is informed by his love of horror movies.



Image courtesy of Brad Feuerhelm

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