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Sea of Stone

Aura García-Junco

‘Statues fill the entire avenue; they cover the pavement once meant for cars.’

Fiction by Aura García-Junco, translated by Lizzie Davis.

Our Windowless Home

Martín Felipe Castagnet

‘It was important to touch them, a ritual to wake them up and keep them alive.’

Fiction by Martín Felipe Castagnet, translated by Frances Riddle.

Ruins in Reverse

Carlos Fonseca

‘I couldn’t remember the dates, so anything was possible.’

Fiction by Carlos Fonseca, translated by Megan McDowell.

Borromean Rings

Andrea Chapela

‘If I could make just one call, I’d dial the bar in Madrid.’

Fiction by Andrea Chapela, translated by Kelsi Vanada.

The New Me

Andrea Abreu

‘Needy text messages did not mesh with my new personality.’

Fiction by Andrea Abreu, translated by Julia Sanches.

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing

Camila Fabbri

‘In that instant my sisters were two animals about to work some shit out.’

Fiction by Camila Fabbri, translated by Jennifer Croft.

The Color of Balloons

Dainerys Machado Vento

‘None of these people give a shit that a flock of birds is going to choke to death on those balloons, be they pink or blue.’

Fiction by Dainerys Machado Vento, translated by Will Vanderhyden.

The Animal Gesture

Alejandro Morellón

‘I have drunk from the same waters as the son of Hermes and Aphrodite.’

Fiction by Alejandro Morellón, translated by Esther Allen.

Levert’s Appearance

José Adiak Montoya

‘But as everyone will surely know, that’s not what came to pass.’

Fiction by José Adiak Montoya, translated by Samantha Schnee.

Days of Ruin

Aniela Rodríguez

‘From the sea you came, and into the sea you were condemned to disappear.’

Fiction by Aniela Rodríguez, translated by Sophie Hughes.


Estanislao Medina Huesca

‘Heriberto blamed Spain. He always did.’

Fiction by Estanislao Medina Huesca, translated by Mara Faye Lethem.

Vital Signs

Munir Hachemi

‘She smelled of liquor, and death, and veal.’

Fiction by Munir Hachemi, translated by Nick Caistor.

Lost Children

Irene Reyes-Noguerol

‘The Girls sees. The Girl hears. The Girl says nothing.’

Fiction by Irene Reyes-Noguerol.

Bitter Cherries

Carlos Manuel Álvarez

‘In the long run, staying or leaving both lead to the same absurd condition.’

Fiction by Carlos Manuel Álvarez, translated by Frank Wynne.