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Two Poems

Anthony (Vahni) Capildeo

‘A faint resentment paints / the spiral staircase walls / blue all over again’

Two poems from Anthony (Vahni) Capildeo’s work-in-progress Gentle Housework of the Sacrifice.

Three Poems

John Freeman

‘One morning time trips a reel / and I’m confronted with / the object I will become / carpentered for eternity.’

An extract from John Freeman’sWind, Trees.

Three Poems

Cecilia Knapp

Three poems from Cecilia Knapp’s poetry collection, Peach Pig.

On Silk

Sally Wen Mao

‘At the silk museum, / the silkworms crumpled themselves in baskets, / lazy and dazed in the spoils of mulberry.’

A poem by Sally Wen Mao.

Three Poems

Zaffar Kunial

‘In the blowy wet distance a yew, shivering.’

An excerpt from England’s Green by Zaffar Kunial.

Two Poems

James Conor Patterson

‘i think again, love, that t believe in this / would be t chapen the accident of our own gift’

Two poems from James Conor Patterson’s collection, bandit country.

The Second He

Nathaniel Rosenthalis

‘I like to play the footage back: / I was withstanding (I was grieving / the disappearing he was doing).’

A poem by Nathaniel Rosenthalis.

An Excerpt from Distance Sickness

Jenny Xie

‘To relive is the snarl of description, worked over repeatedly in the mind’

A poem by Jenny Xie.

Debt Economy

Rae Armantrout

‘It follows that existence is a debt.’

A poem by Rae Armantrout.

But the Heart in a Sense Is Far from Me Floating Out There

Peter Gizzi

‘It’s right to extract bone from the afterlife’

A poem by Peter Gizzi.


Sandra Cisneros

‘The liver in love / means the body is healthy’

A poem by Sandra Cisneros.

It’s Been Evening all day Long

Daniel Khalastchi

‘Just as blank I sink the bank beneath / my grief of never having money.’

A poem by Daniel Khalastchi.

Three Poems

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

‘create a national holiday in your namelessness, in my head.’

Poems from the author’s debut collection Quiet.