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Summer. Gates of the Body.

Galina Rymbu

‘I want to eat your rough hand that caresses me.’

Two Poems

Aaron Fagan

‘it / Was chaos in the way nature is a chaos.’

Five Poems

Sawako Nakayasu

‘Although bara is homonymous with rose, this is not a rose-rose incident.’

Four Poems

Ian Seed

‘We were afraid to touch it – it looked cold enough / to burn us.’

At the Peckhamplex

Will Harris

‘the snow reflecting off / your torch was the / colour of your thoughts’


Colin Herd

‘No I’m not tired I said. / No I’m not thirsty I said. / I’m sassy.’

Power and Privilege

Ken Babstock

‘We do it all day every day until we can’t see. / We do it with a belt between our teeth.’

Poem Written from Inside a Leather Pig Mask

Sam Sax

‘child who dreams of growing into / a swan only to wake in terror at a mouth / filled with feathers.’


Rachel Long

‘Behold the miracle of afro hair.’

Two Poems

Emmalea Russo

‘I cannot look at you as I cannot look directly at the sun without my hand / covering my eyes’


Stephanie Sy-Quia

‘In the place where I grew up there were horses, thighs moving like nudity under their fur’

Three Poems

Shane McCrae

‘I wanted to and then / Remembered why I want to never’

Peak Spader

Ken Babstock

‘Love how unseen / we remain stood undressed in his field of vision.’

Three Poems

Vivek Narayanan

‘half-sunk / into ground for all those years / of negative subsisten­ce’