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Three Poems

Elvis Bego

The Remembrance of Things 1990s

Sometimes, when
my memory wanders off to Jutland
into some house interior
of the 1990s
or a piece of clothing
from the same period
I shudder more
than when I think of crouching
in damp basements
during ferocious bombardments.





The Minarets

I grew up in a town‬
‪with a single mosque ‬
‪and the same voice always‬
‪called to prayer, but
in the Marrakesh medina‬
‪thick as it is with minarets,‬
‪you sometimes hear three
and four muezzins cry together‬
in a kind of dilapidated fugue,
‪and you notice
that some‬ of these men
‪are full of passionate music
‪while others pain your ears.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬





The Sand Man

Some nights ago
in the Moroccan desert
I saw a man stride
among the dunes
like Herzog’s penguin
with singular intent
and what looked like zero doubt
as to where he was


Image © r2hox

Elvis Bego

Elvis Bego was born in Bosnia, fled the war aged twelve, and now lives in Copenhagen. His writing has appeared in Agni, Best American Essays, Kenyon Review, New England Review, Threepenny Review, Tin House, and elsewhere. This is his first poetry publication.

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