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Christodoulos Makris

surprising fact of the week
in the nineties posing in my underwear or less
was a rite of passage
teen spirit structure matches rick’s megahit
who knew

dressed in a severe black jacket
a cover girl personage made to arouse your mind
not your ire unsmiling
on account you dare to stalk me private I’m an open book
across or what the hell between territories
without wishing me harm
obsessing over my underclothes
it’s not who you see remember but what I represent

he who must represent me
ironing my contract my parental advisory transactions
as it must be with perennial 17 year olds
the demon inside
enacting a fashion show all of her own wherever she lands
because she wants to

if in the next three or thirty three years you wonder swimming laps
whatever happened to her
shining light
blinding beauty
neon buzzing
now see there are legions constantly shooting extinguished
like us or not don’t be afraid toss us a follow it counts

hot take
as per your lectures peek beneath my saggy words for a sign
don’t forget to learn from your students
you never recover authenticity or size


Image © Jonathan Lidbeck


This poem is taken from Christodoulos Makris’ collection Contemporaneous Brand Strategy Document, published by Veer Books | Veer 2.

Christodoulos Makris

Christodoulos Makris most recent publications are the book this is no longer entertainment (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019) and the interactive digital poetry project sorry that you were not moved (Fallow Media, 2022) in collaboration with Kimberly Campanello. His next book, Contemporaneous Brand Strategy Document, is publishing with Veer Books in March 2023, while It Reeks of Radio, the result of his commissioned engagement with the RTÉ Radio archives held at University College Dublin, is due out later in 2023 with BLR Editions (UCD). Recent awards include Writer in Residence at Maynooth University (2018-19) and a Literature Project Award from the Arts Council of Ireland (2020). He is the poetry editor at gorse journal.

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