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Two Poems

Raymond Antrobus

‘The crack / and spit of sickness is everywhere, everyone / is tangled in the mess.’

Poetry by Raymond Antrobus.

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Christodoulos Makris

‘like us or not don’t be afraid toss us a follow it counts’

Poetry by Christodoulos Makris.

Two Poems

Eva Salzman

‘I might as well have not said or done what I said I said or did.’

Poetry by Eva Salzman.

Eclogue of the ‘Big Garden’

John Kinsella

‘I will go elsewhere / and remember, recall where / I came from’

A poem by John Kinsella.

Ecstatic Joy and Its Variants

Peter Gizzi

‘surely this is about water jetting from a spring, / a languid rafting with no particular destination’

Poetry by Peter Gizzi.

Two Poems

Tim Liardet

‘Head up, / head down, it strolled ever so slowly out of the frame / with the suggestion of a limp. Extinct as an umbrella.’

Poetry by Tim Liardet.

Moving Nowhere Here

Kimberly Campanello

‘I am afraid to say we are all / progressing or regressing / down a more or less screwy road / found on a very old map / until / we are going Nowhere.’

A poem by Kimberly Campanello.

Three Poems

Seán Hewitt

‘I looked away, ashamed, / then raised my hand / to the hawthorn / and plucked its fruit.’

Poetry by Seán Hewitt.

Two Poems

Eleni Sikelianos

‘in the animal mirror my incisors / were not fangs but surely / they could still tear / meat’

Two poems by Eleni Sikelianos.

Two Poems

Fee Griffin

‘I went to Enid’s funeral and there was a mole on the coffin and it seemed / aware of us but unconcerned.’

Two poems by Fee Griffin.

Two Poems

Michael Bazzett

‘It was a commonplace / to enter the woods / with meat, lay it on the ground, then / wait for what might come.’

Poetry by Michael Bazzett.

Four Poems

Katie Farris

‘Ungraceful, the heart boinks: / drugged, suspended, spiderwebbed – ’

Four poems by Katie Farris.

Two Poems

Claudine Toutoungi

‘Most of us these days are dead or on autopilot / As for the wolves – they thrive’

Two poems by Claudine Toutoungi.