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Strange Beach

Oluwaseun Olayiwola

– unable to get from the underneath side of
the stones
that flank the sand, the body: blown

from every direction, into like a conch shell

where the echo of excess        emotion      enraptures

the chamber

where once was a body willing to die inside of, longing to – this
is the obsession, this hour

of philosophy, this transatlantic voyage
spread on the page
like an oil spill, the blue-and-black

arsenal of water whispering, inevitably, as if

it were in a wind: was it worth it? Worth.

Oluwaseun Olayiwola

Oluwaseun Olayiwola is a poet, critic and choreographer living in London. His poems have been published in the Guardian, the Poetry ReviewOxford Poetryfourteen poems and elsewhere. A Ledbury Poetry Critic, his criticism has been published in the Telegraph, the TLS, the Poetry School and Magma. His debut collection Strange Beach is forthcoming from Granta Books.

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