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Lisa Halliday

An excerpt from Lisa Halliday's Asymmetry

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Bachelor Life

M.J. Fitzgerald

‘At nine o’clock the man leaves the flat dressed in an elegant salmon-pink dress’.

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Bastard Alias the Romantic

Yuri Herrera

‘Can you imagine what it would be like if instead of killing we cuddled?’

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Naomi Ishiguro

‘My wife and I lay side by side, the bear looming over us in the same way a crucifixion scene looms above the pews inside a Catholic church.’

Short fiction by Naomi Ishiguro.

Granta 92

Beethoven Was One Sixteenth Black

Nadine Gordimer

‘Once there were blacks wanting to be white. Now there are whites wanting to be black.’

Granta 145

Bitter Tennis

Lucy Ives

‘I don’t know much about the cosmos, but I know enough to avoid the game of tennis.’

Granta 32

Blessed Assurance

Allan Gurganus

‘I sold funeral insurance to North Carolina black people.’

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Jon Fosse

‘It was this summer that the restlessness came over me.’ Translated from the Norwegian by May-Brit Akerholt.

Granta 103

Broken Star

Jennifer Haigh

‘I’d never heard her say an unkind word about anybody.’

Granta 89

Buckets of Blood

Tessa Hadley

‘I’m miscarrying a pregnancy, she said, when the spasm seemed to have passed.—It’s a fine mess.’

Granta 112

Butt and Bhatti

Mohammad Hanif

‘Teddy is one of those people who are only articulate when they talk about cricket.’

Granta 94

Bye-Bye Natalia

Michel Faber

‘Natalia picks at the frayed black lace of her dress while the photograph of her American penpal loads into the computer.’

Granta 144


Jessie Greengrass

‘All through winter and another summer we wait, but time passes more quickly now that we have a purpose. I feel it flowing.’

Granta 143

Challenger Deep

Ashley Hutson

‘The message was cheerful, positive. I did not express weakness on my son’s behalf: this is a mother’s first rule.’