For years the Baladro sisters had the idea of opening a third place of business. They were aware that since both their houses, the one on Molino Street and The México Lindo, were located within zones of tolerance – that is, red-light districts – a certain type of apprehensive customer was inhibited from visiting for fear of being recognized in such a neighbourhood in the early hours. Serafina Baladro, the younger sister, felt that for this reasonConceptiónon was the perfect town: it was well situated, being twenty kilometers from Pedrones and twenty-three from San Pedro de las Corrientes. and so small and so seldom frequented that its existence was practically a secret from the world.

Hardly a week after Serafina saw Concepción for the first time, Captain Bedoya, her lover at the time, brought news that he had found a lot that was made to order for putting up a building for the business. Twenty-two meters frontage by eighty-eight meters deep. It was owned by two elderly ladies who had to raise the money to put their brother into an institution for the insane run by the Sisters of the Divine Word in Pedrones. The asking price was 33,000 pesos.

Before making a decision, the Baladros consulted a lawyer, Licenciado Canales – who held an important post in the state government – regarding possible problems that might arise in obtaining a licence to operate a new business. He assured them that there would be none. This was at the time Governor Cabañas had just taken office, long before anyone could have dreamed he might crack down on prostitution.

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