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Island Song

Madeleine Bunting

An extract from Madeleine Bunting’s first novel.

Notes on Craft | The Online Edition

Notes on Craft

Deb Olin Unferth

‘People (not me) seem to find chickens inherently funny.’

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Frans de Waal wins PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award

Frans de Waal’s Mama’s Last Hug, has won the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award, exemplifying literary excellence on the subject of biological science.


Bruno Fert shortlisted for the Amnesty Media Awards

Bruno Fert’s photoessay ‘Refuge’ is one of four finalists in the photojournalism category of the Amnesty Media Awards.


Mbozi Haimbe, Kikuko Tsumura and Polly Barton win the 2020 PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers

Kikuko Tsumura’s story ‘The Water Tower and the Turtle’, translated from the Japanese by Polly Barton, and Mbozi Haimbe’s story ‘Madam’s Sister’ are both winning stories.

Recommended Reading

Fiction | Granta 148

The Spread

Ben Lerner

‘He began to feel less like he was delivering a speech and more like a speech was delivering him.’

Read an extract from Ben Lerner’s latest novel, The Topeka School.

Essays & Memoir | Granta Books

10 Schools of Philosophy that should be better known (in the West)

Julian Baggini

The author of How The World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy explains ten of the most overlooked philosophies from around the world.

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

On High Heels and Lotus Feet

Summer Brennan

Summer Brennan on high heels, foot-binding, and our ongoing performances of gender.

Essays & Memoir | Granta 140

Notes on a Suicide

Rana Dasgupta

‘The problem was that, for the most part, it did not matter how widely broadcast your discontent was: no one cared.’

Rana Dasgupta on digital celebrity and a suicide in the banlieues of Paris.

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

How many people are going to die from COVID-19?

A team of statisticians tries to answer the question: Of those people who become infected by Covid-19, how many will die?