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Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones

Edoardo Albert

Edoardo Albert, author of Warrior, writes about five archaeological findings that brought the past to life.

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On Being French and Chinese

Tash Aw

‘We were trapped in a sort of double prison: by poverty in Europe, and by China and its expectations of us.’

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The Third Rainbow Girl

Emma Copley Eisenberg

‘I felt ruined by my time in Pocahontas County – no other place would ever be so good.’

An excerpt from Emma Copley Eisenberg’s The Third Rainbow Girl.

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George Saunders and Ben Marcus In Conversation

George Saunders & Ben Marcus

‘One purpose of art is to get us to wake up, recalibrate our emotional life, get ourselves into proper relation to reality.’

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10 Schools of Philosophy that should be better known (in the West)

Julian Baggini

The author of How The World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy explains ten of the most overlooked philosophies from around the world.

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The Strange Story of the World

Chigozie Obioma

‘Mama leaving home with my brother Folu was the last straw, the final stage in the process of Papa’s descent into that great darkness.’ New fiction from Chigozie Obioma.

In Conversation | The Online Edition

No Justice, No Peace

Chris Knapp

Chris Knapp on the systemic racism and violence of the French police, and the grassroots organisations that are campaigning for change.