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Poetry | Granta 150

Scheherazade Conjoining (31)

Jay G. Ying

‘Thank any God, our emergency is celestially authorised’

New poetry by Jay G. Ying.

Fiction | Granta 150

The Lost Performance of the High Priestess of the Temple of Horror

Carmen Maria Machado

‘The light pouring from the open door throbbed like a bruised thumb.’

New fiction from Carmen Maria Machado.

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Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition


Katy Whitehead

‘Get ready for a better world.’

Katy Whitehead on synthetic fun.

Fiction | The Online Edition


Amina Cain

‘Every morning and night I walked through that city, to and from the museum.’

From Amina Cain’s new novel.

Essays & Memoir | Granta Books

10 Schools of Philosophy that should be better known (in the West)

Julian Baggini

The author of How The World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy explains ten of the most overlooked philosophies from around the world.

Essays & Memoir | Granta 149, Europe padlock

On Being French and Chinese

Tash Aw

‘We were trapped in a sort of double prison: by poverty in Europe, and by China and its expectations of us.’

In Conversation | The Online Edition

In Conversation

Robert Macfarlane & Adam Scovell

‘Travelling into the Ness for the first time was exactly like Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker