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Welcome to the New World

Jessi Jezewska Stevens

New fiction from Jessi Jezewska Stevens. ‘Debt is the molten bedrock upon which all else shifts.’

Fiction | The Online Edition


Ralf Webb

‘I sensed that as she listened she looked right through my skull and saw the cringing figure living there, the figure that keeps guard over all my secret strategies and disguises.’

New fiction from Ralf Webb.

Poetry | The Online Edition

Three Poems

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

‘create a national holiday in your namelessness, in my head.’

Poems from the author’s debut collection Quiet.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Two Poems

Beth Bachmann

‘Under the skin, our skeletons / are braided with tendons – roses on an openwork arch’ Two poems by Beth Bachmann

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

A World Run by Mothers

Saba Sams

‘In all the years I spent dreaming of motherhood, not once did I dream of men. If anything, I expected that romance would be my downfall.’

Saba Sams on the women who raised her, and becoming a mother at 22.

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Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

Personal Growth

Marina Benjamin

‘Refusal is the last recourse of the powerless.’

Marina Benjamin on her years of not eating, and not growing.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Small Girl Landlady

Adachioma Ezeano

‘Trouble was awake – we didn’t need anyone to tell us.’

New fiction by Adachioma Ezeano.

Poetry | The Online Edition

Beautiful Short Loser

Ocean Vuong

‘For as long as I can remember my body was a small town nightmare.’

A new poem by Ocean Vuong.

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

The Forgotten War

Leila Guerriero

Leila Guerriero investigates the collusion that left so many graves unmarked decades after the Falklands War.

News, Prizes and Events


‘Up Late’ and Amnion Shortlisted for 2022 Forward Prizes

‘Up Late’ by Nick Laird and Amnion by Stephanie Sy-Quia have been shortlisted for 2022 Forward Prizes for Poetry. Granta has also published poetry by other shortlisted writers: Kaveh Akbar, Shane McCrae, Helen Mort, Carl Phillips and Padraig Regan.


Michel Nieva and Natasha Wimmer winners of 2022 O. Henry Prize

‘Dengue Boy’ by Michel Nieva, translated from the Spanish by Natasha Wimmer, is a winner of the 2022 O. Henry Prize for Short Fiction.


The Invisible Land Wins the Scott Moncrieff Prize

Sam Taylor's translation of The Invisible Land by Hubert Mingarelli has won the Society of Authors Scott Moncrieff Prize 2021.