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Granta 117: Horror

Autumn 2011

Horror is everywhere – in cinema, in fiction, in real life. In this issue Paul Auster writes about the death of his mother, Will Self on his own rare blood-disease, and Mark Doty on desire, addiction and literature. We have fiction from Stephen King, Sarah Hall and Joy Williams, reportage from Peru and Sudan, and a themed costume fightclub in Los Angeles. As Arthur Conan Doyle wrote, ‘where there is no imagination there is no horror’.

Online Edition

Rajesh Parameswaran | Interview

Rajesh Parameswaran & Yuka Igarashi

Don DeLillo | Interview

Don DeLillo & Yuka Igarashi

Lessons from a Hustler

Peter Mountford

Highlights of 2011 | Podcast

Ted Hodgkinson

The Boys of Karachay Lake

Angela Pelster

Menu: Extinction

Sharona Muir

Don DeLillo & Paul Auster | Podcast

Paul Auster & Don DeLillo

The Art of Horror

Michael Salu

Justin Torres | Interview

Justin Torres & Jennifer de Leon


Carol Anshaw


Bonnie Nadzam


Richard Meier

Suite in Dark Matter

Erin Frances Fisher

The Meaning of Zombies

Naomi Alderman

Binyavanga Wainaina | Podcast

Binyavanga Wainaina & Ellah Allfrey


Scott Johnson


Peter C. Baker

Vanishing Virgil

Maaza Mengiste

Barely Imagined Beings

Caspar Henderson

Will Self & Mark Doty | Podcast

Mark Doty & Will Self


Joy Williams

José Saramago: a celebration

Margaret Jull Costa

About the Cover

Jake and Dinos Chapman

Rub Out The Words: Letters from William Burroughs

William Burroughs & James Grauerholz

A Lovely and Terrible Thing

Chris Womersley

Robert Coover | Podcast

Robert Coover & Ted Hodgkinson


Robert Coover

Out of the Tombs

Madison Smartt Bell

Necessary Daemons

Madison Smartt Bell


Toby Litt

Patrick deWitt | Interview

Patrick deWitt & Ted Hodgkinson


Robert Olen Butler

The Last Days of the Thunderbird

Stefan Merrill Block

Remembering Tim Hetherington

Michael Salu

Wiam El-Tamami | Interview

Wiam El-Tamami & Ted Hodgkinson

Gothic Night

Mansoura Ez Eldin

Airports: Frontier Nations

Andrés Neuman


A.L. Kennedy

David Guterson | Interview

David Guterson & John Freeman

An Occupation

Adam Stumacher

At War With Writing About War

Gabe Hudson

Abbottabad Pastoral

Humera Afridi

Patrick deWitt | Interview

Patrick deWitt & Ted Hodgkinson

Samantha Smith | Interview

Samantha Smith & Ted Hodgkinson