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Nadia Shira Cohen | Interview

Nadia Shira Cohen & Michael Salu

‘What I do hope is to be able to tell people’s stories, people who might otherwise have been forgotten by society, locally and otherwise.’

Nadia Shira Cohen

Nadia Shira Cohen has worked as a photographer for the Associated Press and Sipa Press. She has served as director of the New York office, and then as special projects director, for the photo agency VII. She is a correspondent for the New York Times and a regular contributor for the National Geographic. She lives in Rome, Italy.

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Michael Salu

Michael Salu is the previous artistic director at Granta. He was previously Senior Designer at CCVP, Random House UK. He worked on a range of titles, designing several jackets for Vintage Classics - a prestigious list that included Italo Calvino, Raymond Carver, Bruce Chatwin and others. Salu has also worked with the musician Tricky, and as a freelance brand consultant was responsible for creating and designing the new brand identity for Curzon Cinemas, recently launched across all the group’s activities.

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