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Debt Economy

Rae Armantrout

‘It follows that existence is a debt.’

A poem by Rae Armantrout.

But the Heart in a Sense Is Far from Me Floating Out There

Peter Gizzi

‘It’s right to extract bone from the afterlife’

A poem by Peter Gizzi.


Sandra Cisneros

‘The liver in love / means the body is healthy’

A poem by Sandra Cisneros.

It’s Been Evening all day Long

Daniel Khalastchi

‘Just as blank I sink the bank beneath / my grief of never having money.’

A poem by Daniel Khalastchi.

Three Poems

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

‘create a national holiday in your namelessness, in my head.’

Poems from the author’s debut collection Quiet.

Two Poems

Collin Callahan

‘He twists biblical spliffs. / Curtains warble in the television light.’ Two poems by Collin Callahan.

Three Poems

Christopher Soto

‘Instantaneous / Pleasure takes too // Long’

Poetry from Christopher Soto’s collection Diaries of a Terrorist.

Two Poems

Akwaeke Emezi

‘joseph uncle is ghost-quiet / the kind of man you can’t scream at’

Two poems by the author of Dear Senthuran.

Blue Room, Fake Blue Veins

Peter Scalpello

‘[left home rented a room / spinning with mould] it almost turned me / straight.’ A new poem by Peter Scalpello.

Beautiful Short Loser

Ocean Vuong

‘For as long as I can remember my body was a small town nightmare.’

A new poem by Ocean Vuong.

Lecture on Loneliness

Claire Schwartz

‘Only history makes her lonely, only after makes her first.’

A poem by Claire Schwartz.

Two Poems

Emily Berry

‘I do not see / the slow wheels in my blood turning, but / I ride them’

Two poems by Emily Berry.