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In Conversation

Anthony Caleshu & Peter Gizzi

‘Words are haunted. Think of it: as long as there have been soldiers there have been poets. I have often felt that being a poet is a form of civil disobedience.’

Interview with B. Tape II

Rachel Long

‘The contrast! − my angel face / against the camo.’

Children in Tactical Gear

Peter Mishler

‘we watched the last / very colorful weapons / coming ashore’

Thrive: A Lyric Sequence

Jill Bialosky

‘Sometimes we could not see / anything before us. That’s what it / required.’


Tishani Doshi

‘Even if you could walk through the corridors / of your body, you would not know which rooms / to enter, which were full of stone.’


Tishani Doshi

‘We all want to be / monuments but can’t help shoving our fingers / in dirt.’


Tishani Doshi

‘If you need proof you’re alive, regard the oar / in your hand.’

from the knotweed sonnets

Andrew McMillan

‘sometimes I need / the sound of something pulled up from the roots / and tossed aside’


Tishani Doshi

‘Understand friend, the conscience is a delicate broth. / Sometimes it feels good to be bad.’


Tishani Doshi

‘Will it be for them / as it was for us, impossible to imagine oceans where there are now / mountains?’


Ida Börjel

‘You know about my / emotional drinking, and my night walks and my / fragmented heart-to-heart conversations.’


Tishani Doshi

‘Remember when we were / young and the end was a black hole at the edge of forever, / a million light years away.’

Already Two

Vladimir Mayakovsky

‘I’m in no hurry; I’ll not storm your dreams’


Tom Betteridge

‘held at the curve of the eye / for a dream of shared life’