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K Patrick

Keep telling me all about men. Like the way George
Michael filled his jeans. Mothers like a man who can
fill his jeans. What a way to put the ache somewhere,
right behind a rigid seam. Stiff denim, stiff upper lips,
stiff country we live in. George Michael I love you we
have something in common. I know enough about
Faith. A little bit of God in the beginning just to prove
there is no God in the rest. As a word, organ has a
beautiful double meaning: songs written in meat

K Patrick

K Patrick is a writer based in Glasgow. In 2021 they were shortlisted for the White Review Poetry Prize and Short Story Prize, and in 2020 were runner-up in the Ivan Juritz Prize and the Laura Kinsella Fellowship. Their debut novel, Mrs S, will be published by in summer 2023.

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