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K Patrick

Keep telling me all about men. Like the way George
Michael filled his jeans. Mothers like a man who can
fill his jeans. What a way to put the ache somewhere,
right behind a rigid seam. Stiff denim, stiff upper lips,
stiff country we live in. George Michael I love you we
have something in common. I know enough about
Faith. A little bit of God in the beginning just to prove
there is no God in the rest. As a word, organ has a
beautiful double meaning: songs written in meat

K Patrick

K Patrick is a poet and fiction writer based on the Isle of Lewis. In 2021 they were shortlisted for both the White Review Poet's Prize and Short Story Prize, and in 2020 they were runner-up in the Ivan Juritz Prize and the Laura Kinsella Fellowship. Their debut novel Mrs S is forthcoming from Fourth Estate in 2023.

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