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Granta 122

Mo Yan | Interview

Mo Yan & John Freeman

‘My life is more current, more contemporary and the cutting throat cruelty of our contemporary times limits the romance that I once felt.’

Granta 120

D.T. Max | Podcast

D.T. Max

D.T. Max on about why ‘David always wanted to be one David’, the solace he found in twelve-step programmes and what his use of wiper-fluid, on a car ride with Jonathan Franzen, reveals about his prose style.

Granta 120

Edinburgh Book Festival Special | Podcast

Kapka Kassabova & Peter Stamm

In this special Edinburgh Book Festival edition of the Granta Podcast Laura Barber talks to Kapka Kassabova (Street Without a Name, Twelve Minutes of Love) and Peter Stamm (Seven Years) about the often paradoxical relationship between writing and place.

Granta 120

Claire Vaye Watkins | Podcast

Claire Vaye Watkins & Ted Hodgkinson

‘These are stories that capture sudden, unexpected intimacies and unearth alternate family mythologies in seemingly innocuous objects.’

Granta 120

Peter Stamm | Podcast

Peter Stamm & Ted Hodgkinson

Peter Stamm on imagining his characters as buildings, why he wants to have a room full of ugly objects and whether he believes that people can change.

Granta 120

Jo Shapcott & George Szirtes | Podcast

Jo Shapcott & George Szirtes

Jo Shapcott reads her poem ‘Callisto’s Song’ and talks to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about what drew her to render Callisto’s tragic transformation, and George Szirtes explains why he was compelled by Actaeon’s wayward gaze.

Granta 119

Sam Byers | Podcast

Sam Byers & Ted Hodgkinson

‘She lived in fear of him saying something interesting, which might make her fall in love with him; or something horrific, which would shatter the illusion she’d so carefully constructed.’

Granta 119

Rachel Seiffert | Podcast

Rachel Seiffert & Yuka Igarashi

Rachel Seiffert reads her work and talks to Granta about writing silences, the inescapability of history, the Troubles and learning to love her characters.

Granta 119

Mark Haddon | Podcast

Mark Haddon

‘Sean finds a log to use as a shooting gallery and sends Daniel off in search of targets.’

Granta 119

Sean Borodale | Podcast

Sean Borodale & Ted Hodgkinson

Ted Hodgkinson interviews Granta New Poet Sean Borodale.

Granta 119

Cynan Jones | Podcast

Cynan Jones & Ted Hodgkinson

Cynan Jones spoke to online editor Ted Hodgkinson about why he doesn’t want to be defined as a Welsh writer, the pleasures and challenges of writing short stories and novellas and writing about the growing pains of adolescence.

Granta 113

Andrés Neuman | Podcast

Andrés Neuman & Ted Hodgkinson

‘During the four hours they spent alone three times a week, Hans and Sophie alternated between books and bed, bed and books, exploring one another in words and reading one another’s bodies.’

Granta 115

Jeanette Winterson | Podcast

Jeanette Winterson & Saskia Vogel

Jeanette Winterson reads from her new memoir, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, and her story ‘All I Know About Gertrude Stein’ from Granta 115: The F Word.

Granta 118

John Barth | Podcast

John Barth

John Barth discusses discovering William Faulkner and Lawrence Sterne as a student, the parallels between writing and arranging music, what happened to postmodernism and waiting for the muse to call.