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Oliverio Coelho

Coelho is the author of the novels Tierra de vigilia (2000), Los invertebrables (2003), Borneo (2004), Promesas naturales (2006), Ida (2008) and Parte domestico (2009), and has been a resident writer in Mexico and South Korea. He has edited Ji-do (2009), an anthology of contemporary Korean narrative. He has received the Edmundo Valades Latin American Prize in Mexico and the National Initiation Prize in Argentina. He methodically squandered the prize money on trips through Latin America, Europe and Asia, where he began a diary that continues today in his house in Buenos Aires. Currently, he writes about the latest books for the magazine Inrockuptibles and on his blog www.conejillodeindias.blogspot.com. ‘After Effects’ is an excerpt from his forthcoming novel Un hombre llamado Lobo.