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Camilla Grudova


Gabriel Smith

‘There was a red patch, and what looked like a slightly raised piece of dead skin in the centre of my chest. Just to the right of where I assumed my heart was.’

An extract from Gabriel Smith’s novel Brat.

You Are the Product

Paul Dalla Rosa

‘I have a pathological addiction to the internet, which I indulge with the excuse of making art. It rarely translates to anything good and mostly leaves me overstimulated and afraid.’

Paul Dalla Rosa on excess and the internet.

You Are the Product

Rosanna McLaughlin

‘Like pretty much everyone who uses the internet, I have seen many terrible things that I did not search for and that I cannot unsee.’

Rosanna McLaughlin on what the internet thinks she wants.

You Are the Product

Lillian Fishman

‘What is the read receipt for?’

Lillian Fishman on texting, power and the ethics of leaving a friend on read.

You Are the Product

Daisy Hildyard

‘The anglophone world, we have to infer, has run out of words for its own feelings.’

Daisy Hildyard on the wisdom of scarecrows.

The Spread

Stacy Skolnik

‘It was the first teasing days of spring, the scent in the air a cross between death and cum.’

Fiction by Stacy Skolnik.

Two Poems

Sylvia Legris

‘rumors of bees on speedwell, / no oxidative stress just / effortless pollination’

Two poems by Sylvia Legris.

Podcast | Lauren Oyler

Lauren Oyler

‘You are what you do, and you are what you write, to some extent, I believe that at least.’

Lauren Oyler on personality, intention and the collapse between private and authorial selves.

It Is Decidedly So

Sara Baume

‘There is always a cat sitting on the kitchen windowsill, in the background of every ordinary and extraordinary event, a softly focused silhouette, a pair of piercing eyes.’

Sara Baume responds to twenty-nine photographs from Magnum Photos.

The One It Came All This Way For

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

‘all the furs & bright feathers won’t beat / the sunlight on my face like I’m the one it came / all this way for’

Victoria Adukwei Bulley writes four poems in response to twenty-eight photographs from Magnum Photos.


Derek Owusu

‘Between the boy and the fox there were no names.’

Fiction by Derek Owusu, in response to twenty-nine photographs from Magnum Photos.

In Conversation

m nourbeSe philip & Momtaza Mehri

‘I think the stories that cannot yet be told must be told, can only be told, by un-telling.’

Momtaza Mehri in conversation with m nourbeSe philip.


Thomas Meaney

‘Culture has been bound up since the beginning with extraction.’

The editor introduces the issue.

Wagner in Africa

James Pogue

‘Many people in the country seem happy to accept mercenaries in exchange for stability.’

James Pogue on the Wagner Group in the Central African Republic.

Prairie Dogs

Benjamin Kunkel

‘After making sure our guests all had the drinks and/or drugs they required, I put on a Sun Ra record.’

A short story by Benjamin Kunkel.

Working the Soil and the Cloud

Danny Franzreb & Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

‘Like all money, Bitcoin is valuable only to the degree that people believe in its value.’

Photography by Danny Franzreb, introduced by Atossa Araxia Abrahamian.

Where the Language Changes

Bathsheba Demuth

‘I am on the hunt for the Russian Empire, or what traces might still exist of its colonial enterprise.’

Bathsheba Demuth travels the Yukon river, following the history of the fur trade and the Nulato massacre.

The Extracted Earth

Thea Riofrancos

‘It’s perhaps hard to imagine a country with abundant mineral or oil reserves simply leaving that wealth underground. But there are precedents here, historical and contemporary.’

Granta interviews Thea Riofrancos.

Monkey Army

Eka Kurniawan

‘He did what people told him to do. He was a machine.’

A short story by Eka Kurniawan, translated by Annie Tucker.

The Last Freeminers of England

William Atkins & Tereza Červeňová

‘It is a principle of freemining that you leave nothing of value on site, nothing other than the mine itself, which is of value only to a freeminer.’

William Atkins visits the Forest of Dean, with photography by Tereza Červeňová.

Drone Wars for Mexico’s Gold Mountains

Anjan Sundaram

‘More than 111,000 people have gone missing in Mexico in the past six years.’

Anjan Sundaram on cartels, conflict and the rate of disappearances in Mexico.

The True Depth of a Cave

Rachel Kushner

‘When you live underground, among the things you discover is that you are not alone.’

Fiction by Rachel Kushner.

Death by GPS

Salvatore Vitale

‘The old romantic warning not to trust a machine more than one’s own intuition has renewed urgency in the digital age.’

Photography by Salvatore Vitale, introduced by Granta.

Nettle Tea

Camilla Grudova

‘“Love is a matter of yeast,” he said.’

A story by Camilla Grudova.

The Accursed Mountains

Christian Lorentzen

‘The heart was something that healed, but the best you could do with a broken tooth was to keep it in your pocket.’

Christian Lorentzen on tooth extraction.

As They Laid Down Their Cables

Laleh Khalili

‘The Eilat–Ashkelon pipeline went into operation in 1969, on the eve of the nationalisation of oil.’

Laleh Khalili on energy politics and the ‘secret’ pipeline transporting crude oil across southern Israel.

The Darién Gap

Carlos Fonseca

‘He thinks of himself as a man who has learned to be white by living among white people, though all it takes is a look in the mirror to realize his error.’

Fiction by Carlos Fonseca, translated by Jessica Sequeira.

On Boredom

Nuar Alsadir

‘Boredom is a complicated stink of an emotion, one that is far more layered than we presume.’

Nuar Alsadir on boredom.

All Fours

Miranda July

‘We decided then to tell each other exactly how a typical fuck played out in our marriages. We couldn’t believe we’d never done this before.’

Fiction by Miranda July.

The Alternatives

Caoilinn Hughes

‘What does that mean, vegan cheese? asks a lady who’d had no query about amuse-bouche.’

An extract from The Alternatives by Caoilinn Hughes.

In Conversation

Amelia Abraham & Jack Parlett

‘It’s true that public sex and cruising can be complicated, but I still believe in the solidarity that a look can forge between people.’

Amelia Abraham and Jack Parlett discuss cruising, nostalgia and the privatisation of public sex.

Podcast | Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor

‘How far can one deviate from the accepted pieties before one is kicked out?’

Brandon Taylor on naturalism and the future of fiction.

A Flat Place

Noreen Masud

‘If all things were equal, what were we even doing here? Why weren’t we lying on our living-room floors, watching the dance of the dust, today and every day?’

Memoir by Noreen Masud.


Teju Cole & Alice Zoo

‘Each successive image has to have the simultaneous feeling of being unanticipated and of being right.’

Teju Cole speaks to Alice Zoo about sequencing, portraiture, and the interplay between image and text.

The New Life

Tom Crewe

‘He knew that he did not want it to stop, that he could not escape the grip of this terrible excitement.’

Fiction by Tom Crewe.

Two Poems

Momtaza Mehri

‘Rub my scalp and tell me who I could have been. / Feed me a morsel or two.’

Two poems by Momtaza Mehri.