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Oline Stig | Best Untranslated Writers

Lina Wolff

‘Oline Stig doesn’t blindly obey the narrow logic of the dramatic curve, and she lets the story branch where it is necessary. The end is surprising and, so to say, out of tune in a liberating way.’

Lina Wolff

Lina Wolff’s debut novel, Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs, published by And Other Stories in 2016, was awarded the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize, Sweden’s Vi Magazine Literature Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2013 Swedish Radio Award for Best Novel of the Year. Her second novel, The Polyglot Lovers, won Sweden’s biggest domestic literary prize, the August Prize, as well as the Svenska Dagbladet Prize, and has been translated into eighteen languages. A collection of short stories is forthcoming from And Other Stories in 2020.

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