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Fiction | Issue 63


Hilary Mantel

‘When I was very small, small enough to trip every time on the raised kerbstone outside the back door, the dog Victor used to take me for a walk.’

Poetry | The Online Edition

An Excerpt from Distance Sickness

Jenny Xie

‘To relive is the snarl of description, worked over repeatedly in the mind’

A poem by Jenny Xie.

In Conversation | The Online Edition

In Conversation

Momtaza Mehri & Warsan Shire

Momtaza Mehri and Warsan Shire talk about nineties London, parentification and diasporic inheritances.

Poetry | The Online Edition

Two Poems

Emily Berry

‘I do not see / the slow wheels in my blood turning, but / I ride them’

Two poems by Emily Berry.

Poetry | The Online Edition

Three Poems

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

‘create a national holiday in your namelessness, in my head.’

Poems from the author’s debut collection Quiet.

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Fiction | The Online Edition

Nights at the Hotel Splendido

Sam Munson

‘Everybody’s face looks different at night, especially outside. You see their real faces.’

A new story by Sam Munson.

Fiction | The Online Edition


Emily Adrian

‘I had also, a week earlier, been fired for trying to sleep with my boss’s husband. I got the idea from a book, or maybe every book.’

New fiction by Emily Adrian.

Fiction | The Online Edition


Zakia Uddin

‘I had begun to google the therapist reflexively whenever I was bored.’

A short story by Zakia Uddin.

Fiction | The Online Edition

A Page Pounded Clean

Kathryn Scanlan

‘There was no shriek, no gore, but the tail – it looked electrically charged.’
A story by Kathryn Scanlan.

News, Prizes and Events


Amnion and Garden Physic Longlisted for the Laurel Prize

Amnion by Stephanie Sy-Quia and Garden Physic by Sylvia Legris have been longlisted for the Laurel Prize 2022


Constructing a Nervous System Shortlisted for the Gordon Burn Prize

Constructing a Nervous System by Margo Jefferson has been shortlisted for the 2022 Gordon Burn Prize .


Noel O’Regan recipient of Arts Council 2022 Next Generation award

Noel O'Regan, author of Though the Bodies Fall, is a recipient of the Arts Council 2022 Next Generation award, awarded to promising emerging artists across all disciplines.