The interior love poem
the deeper levels of the self

dates when the abandonment
of certain principles occurred

The role of courtesy—how to enter
a forest, how to touch
a master’s feet before lesson or performance

The art of the drum. The art of eye-painting.
How to cut an arrow. Gestures between lovers.
The pattern of teeth marks on skin
drawn by a monk from memory

The limits of betrayal. The five ways
a lover could mock an ex-lover

The skill in tentative messages
which included yes and no
but never the direct maybe

Nine finger and eye gestures
to signal key emotions

The small boats of solitude

Lyrics that rose
from love
back into air

naked with guile
and praise

Our works and days

We knew how monsoons
(south-west, north-east)
would govern behaviour

and when to discover
the knowledge of the dead

hidden in clouds
in rivers, in unbroken rock

All this was burnt

or traded for power and wealth
from the eight compass points of vengeance

from the two levels of envy

Clive’s Castle