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The Termite Queen

Olivia Sudjic

‘It dawned on her, the fact sliding ice-cold into her body; now that she had crossed the border into her forties, Alma herself was no longer eligible for the scheme.’

An excerpt from Olivia Sudjic’s third novel.

Olivia Sudjic

Olivia Sudjic’s debut novel, Sympathy, was a finalist for the Salerno European Book Award and the Collyer Bristow Prize in 2017. Her second novel, Asylum Road, was shortlisted for the Encore Award and the Gordon Bowker Volcano Prize in 2021. Her non-fiction work, Exposure, was named an Irish Times, Evening Standard and White Review Book of the Year. ‘The Termite Queen’ is an excerpt from her novel of the same name, forthcoming from Bloomsbury in 2024.

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