The Heart Compared to a Seed, c.1508 | Sylvia Legris | Granta

The Heart Compared to a Seed, c.1508 (after Leonardo da Vinci)

Sylvia Legris

‘noce, the heart—the nut that gestates the tree of veins.’

Sylvia Legris

Sylvia Legris's new book of poetry is The Principle of Rapid Peering (Corsair, 2024). Garden Physic (Granta Books, 2022) was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and was named a Best Poetry Book of the Year by both The Times and CBC Radio. Her other collections include The Hideous Hidden, Pneumatic Antiphonal, and Nerve Squall, which was winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, she lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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