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Ten Thousand Feet

Ariana Harwicz

Translated by Annie McDermott & Carolina Orloff

‘I go up and watch the avenue through the window. Noise and more noise. An avenue of insects, stray bullets and snipers sprawled on the rooftops.’

Ariana Harwicz

Ariana Harwicz studied screenwriting and drama in Argentina, and earned a first degree in Performing Arts from the University of Paris VII as well as a Master’s degree in comparative literature from the Sorbonne. She has taught screenwriting and written two plays, which have been staged in Buenos Aires. Feebleminded is her second novel and a sequel in an ‘involuntary’ trilogy, preceded by Die, My Love and followed by Precoz (Precocious). Her fourth novel, Degenerado (Degenerate), is coming out in Spain in June 2019.

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Translated by Annie McDermott

Annie McDermott translates fiction and poetry from Spanish and Portuguese. She has previously lived and worked in Mexico City, Mexico and São Paulo, Brazil, and is now based in London. Her translations include Empty Words and The Luminous Novel, by the Uruguayan writer Mario Levrero, and City of Ulysses by Teolinda Gersão, co-translated with Jethro Soutar.

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Translated by Carolina Orloff

Originally from Buenos Aires and now based in Edinburgh, Carolina Orloff is an experienced translator and researcher in Latin American literature, who has published extensively on literature, cinema, politics and translation theory. In 2016, after obtaining her PhD and working in the academic sector for several years, Carolina co-founded Charco Press where she acts as publishing director and main editor. She is also the co-translator of Ariana Harwicz’s Die, My Love, one of Charco’s inaugural titles, longlisted for the 2018 Man Booker International Prize and shortlisted for the 2018 Republic of Consciousness Prize. Her co-translation of Harwicz’s second novel, Feebleminded, is published in May 2019.

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