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Sònia Hernández on Carola Saavedra

Carola Saavedra & Sònia Hernández

Translated by Alfred Mac Adam

‘It’s quite uncommon to find dialogues that engulf you from the first word.’

Carola Saavedra

Carola Saavedra was born in Chile and moved to Brazil as a child. She has lived in Spain, France and Germany, and currently lives in Rio de Janeiro. She is the author of the story collection Do lado de fora (2005), and the novels Toda terça (2007), Flores azuis (2008) and Paisagem com dromedário (2010), which won the Rachel de Queiroz Award for Best Young Author. ‘Every Tuesday’ is an extract from Toda terça.

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Sònia Hernández

Born in Terrassa, Sònia Hernández grew up in a working-class town with an evocative name: Badia. She works as a literary critic for the cultura/s supplement in La Vanguardia. She has always felt drawn to the outskirts, not just the urban, though she never found there the sadness of landscape described by Michael Ende – the writer who made her a reader – or the rawness of the streets of Juan Marsé. She is the author of the poetry books La casa del mar (2006) and Los nombres del tiempo (2010). Hernández is the coordinator of the literary research magazine Quaderns de Vallençana, dedicated to the humanist Juan Ramón Masoliver. ‘The Survivor’ is from her collection of short stories Los enfermos erróneos (2008).

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Translated by Alfred Mac Adam

Alfred Mac Adam is a professor of Latin American Literature at Barnard College, Columbia University. He has translated works by Alejo Carpentier, Julio Cortázar, José Donoso, Juan Carlos Onetti, Fernando Pessoa, Osvaldo Soriano and Mario Vargas Llosa, and most recently Season of Ash by Jorge Volpi.

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