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Various Artists

These images of protest are from an exhibition of historical and contemporary works curated by the gallery Victoria Miro and Reprieve, committed human rights defenders who provide free legal and investigative support to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Sixteen artists question the status quo, the power structures found within societies, and treat protest as a language in its own right.

How can we protest in a time of growing insecurity, divisive rhetoric and inequality? And what role will art play in the process?

This collection of images takes as their starting point Alice Neel’s 1936 painting, ‘Nazis Murder Jews’, which depicts a Communist party torchlight parade through the streets of New York City. It presents historical works alongside works by modern artists, addressing issues like migration, censorship, struggles for equality and democracy. These do not document protests per se – rather, through image, composition, gesture, material, form or concept, they serve as meditations on contemporary issues or as calls to action.

For more, have a look at Protest, a publication accompanying the exhibition. 

Various Artists

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