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  • Published: 02/01/2014
  • ISBN: 9781783780235
  • Granta Books
  • 160 pages

The Knight And Death

Leonardo Sciascia

Secret deals, powerful men and murder – One Way or Another is a chillingly prophetic work. The Knight and Death features a nameless (and apparently terminally ill) detective investigating the murder of a lawyer believed to have been killed by a mysterious revolutionary group. The detective thinks otherwise and sets out to prove that powerful business interests were involved, with the revolutionary group invented to cover up the real reasons behind the murder.

Writing of the highest calibre... Both works deal unflinchingly with the dark, unspoken currents of corruption...but do so with a black wit and a sophisticated command of nuance... A writer of exceptional and rightly acclaimed skill


Of such sophistication and intelligence that it bears little resemblance to the humble whodunnit... An ideal introduction to Sciascia's outstanding talent

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The Author

Leonardo Sciascia was born in Sicily in 1912 and died there in 1989. A master of lucid and accessible prose, Sciascia worked with deceptively simple forms – books about crime, historical novels, political thrillers – in order to engage with the moral and historical problems of modern Italy, especially his native Sicily. His books are rooted in a particular culture but speak to anyone who has ever wondered how people can endure unbearable injustice. Equal Danger was made into the film Illustrious Corpses by Francesco Rosi.

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