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  • Published: 02/01/2014
  • ISBN: 9781847089250
  • 129x20mm
  • 272 pages

The Day Of The Owl

Leonardo Sciascia

Translated by Arthur Oliver

In the piazza, a man lies dead. No one will say if they witnessed his killing. This presents a challenge to the investigating officer, a man who earnestly believes in the values of a democratic and modern society. Indeed, his enquiries are soon blocked off by a wall of silence and vested interests; he must work against the community to save it and expose the truth.The narrative moves on two levels: that of the investigator, who reveals a chain of savage crimes; and that of the bystanders and watchers, of those complicit with secret power, whose gossipy, furtive conversations have only one end – to stop the truth coming out.

This novel about the Mafia is also a mesmerizing demonstration of how that organization sustains itself. It is both a beautifully, tautly written story and a brave act of denunciation.

The most intelligent detective story I have ever read and the ideal introduction to Sciascia's brilliant but little known oeuvre

Thomas Wright, Daily Telegraph

The best evocation of Sicily I've read, this is one for the crime connoisseurs

Leslie Forbes

A very well-written page turner. This is an absorbing and compelling story

Northampton Chronicle

The Author

Leonardo Sciascia was born in Sicily in 1912 and died there in 1989. A master of lucid and accessible prose, Sciascia worked with deceptively simple forms – books about crime, historical novels, political thrillers – in order to engage with the moral and historical problems of modern Italy, especially his native Sicily. His books are rooted in a particular culture but speak to anyone who has ever wondered how people can endure unbearable injustice. Equal Danger was made into the film Illustrious Corpses by Francesco Rosi.

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