My Golden Trades | Granta

  • Published: 16/04/1998
  • ISBN: 9781862071032
  • 130x20mm
  • 288 pages

My Golden Trades

Ivan Klima

One of the last artistic expressions of life under communism, this novel captures the atmosphere in Prague between 1983 and 1987, where a dance could be broken up by the secret police, a traffic offence could lead to surveillance and where contraband books were the currency of the underworld.

Each of the six stories here is based on a job that the narrator, a banned writer, is forced to do for economic or psychic survival... Klima gives us many melodies: a real and terrifying world, a caustic and philosophic commentary, and a transcendent imagination... some of the best short stories I've ever read.

Carole Angier, New Statesman and Society

Ivan Klima must be regarded as Czechoslovakia's greatest living writer of fiction.

Philadelphia Inquirer

A consistent celebration of a man's freedom from the tyranny of circumstance... Klima had turned the various humiliating trades which he was forced to practise into the purest artistic gold.

Michael Dibdin, Independent on Sunday

The Author

Ivan Klima was born in 1931 in Prague, where he now lives, and was editor of the journal of the Czech Writers’ Union during the Prague Spring. He is the author of many plays, stories and novels, including Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light, The Ultimate Intimacy and My Golden Trades, and a non-fiction book, The Spirit of Prague, all of which are published by Granta Books. His work, which is now published worldwide, was once banned in his own country.

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