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Granta 166: Generations

Winter 2024

From the public pools of New York to Niamey in the 1960s, a carol concert in Oslo to the lycées of Reims, the winter edition of Granta reflects on a much derided yet indispensable topic: generations.

In this issue, Gary Indiana reckons with the humiliations of old age, Sheila Heti and Phyllis Rose discuss the merits of marriage, James Scudamore recounts a sketchy encounter with James Joyce’s grandson, and Andrew O’Hagan stages a generational skirmish in the BBC studios.

We have new stories from Zoe Dubno, Lillian Fishman, Vigdis Hjorth (translated by Charlotte Barslund), Karan Mahajan, Sam Sax, Brandon Taylor and Nico Walker, and memoir and essays from Didier Eribon, Rahmane Idrissa, Anton Jäger, Samuel Moyn, Yuri Slezkine and Ralf Webb.

Plus, poetry by Jana Prikryl, Eve Esfandiari-Denney, Nam Le and K Patrick.

And photography by Jack Latham, introduced by Joanna Biggs, and Kalpesh Lathigra, introduced by Guy Gunaratne.

Cover artwork © Thomas Struth

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