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Poppy Promises

Thomas Duffield

Hi Tom if you have your camera
wouldnt mind a record of my barley
got some nice Ruhbarb spare. X
If you could bring the hair trimmers
too if none of possible i
understand Tom

Yeah that’s all fine now worries and
there your hair clippers – I’ll bring
them back so you can have a trim x

Thanks Tom dont know how you put
up with me some dad i hope i can
be around long enough to prove i
ainte all negative got some pluses x

Any luck finding those clippers Dad x

Found them Tomx

Lovely I’ll swing around and get my
ears lowered X

Going for a run dad I’m streamlined

Dont bump into anybody ffs scary
man. Lol x

Did you have a good run
Whats the verdict on hair doo
gand will be impressed proper
hair cut

All good everyone saying i look like you

Tiss true handsome fuckers

Theres a song called were is my
mind its been looping in my head
forgot which group did it but its a
good tune and music is a healer

Its a tune from a band called
the pixies

Hope all ok tom x

I know that song it’s at the end
of fight club – have you seen that
film ?

And all good thanks Dad,
how are you ?

I have and i didnt sleep again but
been eating feel knackerd but im
feeling bit better thanks but been
run down my imunity is low so trylng
not to catch anything long time without
sleep take care all x

Get a stomach full of some scran
and see if you can get some sleep
weather is going to get nice again
at the weekend never let your
stomach know youve had a
bad day as gand would say

I’m sad at moment Tom my lovely
potatoes have got blight fucking
sad it happens but shame

Sorry about your potatoes, did
you lift them up x

I’ve got to pull the tops so they
won’t get bigger and they won’t
keep so I will give some away
which is a nice thing to do don’t
want waste you get my drift hope
you aren’t feeling to bad Tom x

Had chilly pork sausage from coo op
there 2 50 for 6 but fucking nice Tom.
With roast onion you know caramalised
toms n chips n sweetcorn washed down
with guiness n splif. Content friday tom
say hello to Silvana x

Sounds like a good Friday dad ha
will send your regards cheers dad

Thunderstorm x

Hows it going tom am sat by my
fire watching a pair of barn owls
hunting in flood plain area opposite
me there ace to watch

I’m good thank you Dad. How
are you ? Sounds like better
entertainment than the tv.

I think worth a photo of barn owls
was talking to a man today
ive seen him last few days with
a big camera.with zoom lens
looked the part but his stalking
method was shit he thank me for
my feed back and he stood out less
im sure he will get the shots
of the birds they look good z

Been ruff my fuck up but getting
to grips with it about time i hope
mentaly and physical i know got it
in me just have to put myself thru
allot of unnessery crap for some
reason guess need too uncover
the demons too fix stuff but im
coming to terms with my let downs
been sad glad you are all ok x

We all love you & I’m certainly
lucky to have you knowing that
you are always Proud of me
and Rach – letting us be ourselves.
Some families look perfect on the
outside but there can be bitterness
between people. I think we all have
a lot of understanding and love
between us

Feels chilly in my house im wearing
my coat could do with some calories
on not good been thin Tom when i get
more finantialy stable boy am going
to eat like the majority must be nice
to open the cubourd and see sumat
a choice to scran be like heaven i
shouldnt be envious of all these
slightly obese people but i am x

Understandable in these times
Dad don’t need to apologise,
I’ll swing by while I’ve got the car
tomorrow speak now or hold your
peace lol drop some bread milk
and bacon keep you going till the
money comes x

I will check my bank ballence tomorrow
tom know how things lie thanks for the
offer very kind i will text you late morning
i like to hold my peace god willing x

Sounds good dad I’ll leave it
with you x

700 calories the pizza was ace my
belly has not shrunk i could easily
eat another one my appetite is crazy
got spuds baked beans and some
nice chilly sausages for tea with slices
of nice bread mmm nice i shall have
to slow down tom otherwise i will be
spending all my money on food end up
your weigh Get some fat round my organs
have a good son n safe journey in the
morning x

Have a good day sorry that text
got fucked upx

Tom when I snuff it hopefully not
for a bit I want you to take care
of that nice felling axe you kindly
got the handle for it’s nice that ace
head it’s fucking weighty and it was
my dads grandads so too you it’s
For fucks sake I’ve had a   joint
so I’m going to eat my Pizza

Will do dad family heirloom isn’t it
Sounds like a nice evening dad
was it some dawg

It is Tom and a good axe and it’s
dawg I got to smoke it makes a
good spliff very relaxing lol

Tom if you ever get the chance
listen to Granchester Meadows
of album uma guma by Pink Floyd
lowed with headphones if possible
it’s Mint

I’ll do that now dad I’ve got some
good headphones

Nice acoustic guitar and the way the
duck takes of the water clever stereo
for the sixties

Yes that was great I enjoyed that,
and is it a fly or a bee on the stereo
too funny I was just sat in billy wood
today in the long grass was abit

Happy Father’s Day dad xx

Thomas Duffield

Thomas Duffield is a photographer and researcher from the north of England, currently based in London. His photography was shortlisted for the 2021 Wellcome Photography Prize and he was a 2019 winner of Portrait of Britain.

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