Granta supported the New York Review of Books Conference on 21 and 22 November, which asked ‘What now? Europe and North America in a Disordered World’. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic examined the new positions of developed and developing countries in the context of two of the most defining features of our times: Obama’s presidency and the economic crisis.

This is our last video dispatch from the conference, in which Robert Badinter gives his address ‘Means and Ends’ to the debate ‘Rangoon, Rwanda and Beyond: Upholding Democracy and Human Rights’.


Means and Ends

Robert Badinter is a member of the French Senate (PS). He was Minister of Justice during the presidency of François Mitterand from 1981 to 1986, and President of the Constitutional Council of France, 1986-1995. As Minister of Justice he successfully introduced a bill in the National Assembly abolishing the death penalty for all crimes. He is the author of Contre la Peine de Mort: Ecrits 1970-2006 (LGF).


Image by XoMEoX

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