After Catullus, #43

Hi there, dear sister, I’m sad
But here to tell you
That you never did amount to anything
Facial expressions just like your mother
Nose by no means tiny
Married a couple of people
So now you sit in a house
Cleaning or not cleaning a window
Newsflash: no one cares about time
But you do it like it’s so moral being punctual
Truly an actress, but you poorly acted the part
Of someone who isn’t crazy
No I can’t say your ankles are fat
But dear lady, who would have had your ass
Except now I do
Seemingly connected we are, in the worst way
And so I must tell you
You are a no good person
A criminal, really, a scoundrel
No, really, a liar
He said the person was cold, maybe a bit disdainful
I said, welcome to my life
You know some people like history
Or want to make history
But I am history
If you would have fucked me
I would have been OK being Plath
But instead I’m Sexton
If somebody asks me what I like
It’s not food or sex
It’s looking at things and being in love
Not sure what of this you did offer me
Never did amount to anything
So with this
I go

Girl on Girl