The Munduruku People Against Brazil | Tiffany Higgins | Granta Magazine

The Munduruku People Against Brazil

Tiffany Higgins

‘The Middle Tapajós Munduruku are not alone. Indigenous and traditional communities throughout the Tapajós River basin are facing increased degradation of their environment and the cultural sustenance practices that form the foundation of their lifeways.’

Tiffany Higgins

Tiffany Higgins is a poet, translator and environmental journalist. She is the author of And Aeneas Stares into her Helmet, on the Iraq War from a citizen’s perspective, The Apparition at Fort Bragg, which explores whether trees look back at us, and the translator of Alice Sant'anna's selected poetry collection, Tail of the Whale. She is translating the writing of Lívia Natália and Itamar Vieira Junior of Bahia, and her reportage focuses on infrastructure and culture in Brazil’s Amazon. In 2017 she was a resident in the Banff Centre’s Frontline Environmental Reportage residency.

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